The JSA series is a line of acoustic guitar models manufactured for Hoshino Gakki and sold under the Ibanez brand. It is a signature series of American guitarist Joe Satriani. The initial models in the line, the flagship JSA10 and budget JSA5, were introduced in 2010.

The JSA series is characterized by an hourglass shaped mini-jumbo body with a pointed Florentine cutaway to allow access to the upper frets. Special electronics on the flagship models allow the player to access a custom Satriani acoustic sound. (more...)

JSA models 
2019 JSA20 VB 1X 06
JSA20 (2013–2020)
2011 JSA10 BK
JSA10 (2010–2012)
2019 JSA5 VB 1X 05
JSA5 (2013–2020)
2011 JSA5 BK
JSA5 (2010–2012)

List of all 3 models in the JSA series


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