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Code: XG
Period: 2011–2014
Total models: 4
Related: X series / Falchion / Halberd / Arondite / Xiphos
Signature models: Mick Thomson
More about the Glaive series

The Glaive series is a line of solid body electric guitars manufactured for Hoshino Gakki and sold under the Ibanez brand. The Glaive style debuted in the spring of 2011 alongside the Falchion and Halberd shapes. All three of these new shapes were considered to be part of the Ibanez X series, which is the umbrella category which encompasses all of Ibanez's non-traditional and extreme shaped guitars.

The Glaive body takes the X-shaped guitar concept and dresses it up with curves, barbs and extra sharp points. The Glaive looks a bit like a weapon and Ibanez's marketing described the shape as "demonic".[1] Both six-string and seven-string versions of the Glaive were offered. (more...)

Glaive models

Signature models (Go to page)
MTM10 BR.jpg
MTM10 Mick Thompson (2012–2013)
MTM100 BK.jpg
MTM100 Mick Thompson (2012–2014)
Standard line 
XG300 MGS.jpg
XG300 (2011–2013)
XG307 BKN.jpg
XG307 (2012)

Glaive models by year

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2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011
2014 (Go to page)
MTM100 BK.jpg
MTM100 (Mick Thomson )

2013 (Go to page)
MTM10 BR.jpg
MTM10 (Mick Thompson)
MTM100 BK.jpg
MTM100 (Mick Thompson)

2012 (Go to page)
MTM10 BR.jpg
MTM10 (Mick Thompson)new
MTM100 BK.jpg
MTM100 (Mick Thompson)new

2011 (Go to page)

List of all 4 models in the Glaive series


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