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Code: EKM
Period: 2013–2020
Total models: 2
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More about the Eric Krasno series

The Eric Krasno series is a line of semi-hollow body six-string electric guitar models manufactured for Hoshino Gakki and sold under the Ibanez brand. It is a signature series for American funk/jazz guitarist Eric Krasno. The initial model in the line, the EKM100, was introduced in late 2014.

The design of the EKM series is based on the iconic Ibanez semi-hollow AS series.  (more...)

Eric Krasno timeline


Eric Krasno models

Eric Krasno models 
2019 EKM100 WRD 00 01 en 1
EKM100 (2013–2020)
2019 EKM10T WRD 5B 01
EKM10T (2015–2020)

List of both models in the Eric Krasno series

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