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Code: EX
Period: 1988–1993
Total models: 25
Related: RG series / RX series
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The EX series is a line of solid body electric guitars produced by Hoshino Gakki and sold under the Ibanez brand. The EX series was introduced in 1988.

The EX (short for EXperimental) models were essentially RG-bodied guitars produced in Korea instead of Japan as a more affordable alternative. The guitars featured the RG shape, but with rounded edges, as opposed to the squared edges of the RG line. They presumably were named differently to minimize the potential damage to the reputation of the RG name due to possible quality issues in moving production from Japan, although some markets already did have some Korean made RG models. (more...)

EX models

EX models 
1990 EX120 WH
EX120 basswood (1989–1991)
1991 EX120 BK Europe
EX120 plywood (1991–1992)
1989 EX140 BK
EX140 basswood (1989–1991)
1991 EX140 RD
EX140 plywood (1991–1993)
EX140L (1991)
1993 EX160 MS
EX160 (1992–1993)
1991 EX170 BN
EX170 (1991)
1992 EX170 BK
EX170 maple (1992–1993)
1993 EX170 BN Europe
EX170 rosewood (1992–1993)
1993 EX170L maple
EX170L maple (1992–1993)
EX170L rosewood (1992–1993)
1993 EX170FM MS
EX170FM (1993)
1988 EX240 BK
EX240 (1988)
1992 EX270 BR
EX270 maple (1992–1993)
1988 EX350 PR
EX350 (1988–1993)
1990 EX360 PP
EX360 (1988–1993)
1992 EX365 LB
EX365 (1991–1992)
1992 EX370 JB
EX370 (1991–1993)
1992 EX370FM AV
EX370FM (1992–1993)
1993 EX1500 AV
EX1500 (1993)
1993 EX1700 CS
EX1700 (1992–1993)
1993 EX1700F TP
EX1700F (1993)
1992 EX3700 TT
EX3700 (1992–1993)

EX models by year

List of all 25 models in the EX series

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