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Code: EHB
Period: 2021
Total models: 10
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More about the EHB series

The EHB series or Ergonomic Headless Bass series is a line of headless solid body electric bass models produced for Hoshino Gakki and sold under the Ibanez brand. The EHB line was introduced for 2020.

The EHB series feature a headless design with no headstock and a completely new body shape. The body shape takes some cues from the iconic Soundgear series although the upper horn is somewhat similar to that of the BTB series. The body is chambered to help minimize the weight and maintain optimal balance. Standard, multiscale and short scale neck versions as well as four, five and six string models are available. (more...)

EHB models by line

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2020 EHB1500 DEF 1P 01.png
EHB1500 (2020–2021)
2020 EHB1505 PLF 1P 01.png
EHB1505 (2020–2021)
2020 EHB1505MS TSF 1P 01.png
EHB1505MS (2020–2021)
2020 EHB1506MS BIF 1P 01.png
EHB1506MS (2020–2021)
2020 EHB1000 PWM 1P 01.png
EHB1000 (2020–2021)
2020 EHB1005 BKF 1P 01.png
EHB1005 (2020–2021)
2020 EHB1005MS SFM 1P 01.png
EHB1005MS (2020–2021)
2021 EHB1005MSL.png
EHB1005MSL (2021)
2021 EHB1000S PMM 1P 01.png
EHB1000S (2021)
2021 EHB1005SMS EMM 1P 01.png
EHB1005SMS (2021)

EHB models by year

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