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Code: H57
Period: 2006–2007; 2012–2013; 2017
Total models: 3
Related: RG series
More about the Davide "Cesareo" Civaschi series

The Davide "Cesareo" Civaschi series is a Signature line of solid body electric guitar models offered by Ibanez. It is the signature guitar series of Italian guitarist Davide Civaschi (a.k.a. Cesareo) who is best known for his work with Elio e le Storie Tese.

Civaschi's signature models are based off the RG series guitar. They are distinguished by a custom geometrically patterned finish in a variety of colors. (more...)

Davide "Cesareo" Civaschi models 
2006 RGTH57 CY.png
RGTH57 (2006–2007)
2012 RGH57 ZB.png
RGH57 (2012–2013)
2017 RGH57II SGG.jpg
RGH57II (2017)

Davide "Cesareo" Civaschi models by year

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2017 | 2013 | 2012 | 2007 | 2006
2017 (Go to page)
2017 RGH57II SGG.jpg
RGH57II (Cesareo)new

No production.

2013 (Go to page)
2012 RGH57 ZB.png
RGH57 (Cesareo)
2012 (Go to page)
2012 RGH57 ZB.png
RGH57 (Cesareo)new

No production.

2007 (Go to page)
2007 RGTH57 RD.png
RGTH57 (Cesareo)
2006 (Go to page)
2006 RGTH57 CY.png
RGTH57 (Cesareo)new

List of all 3 models in the Cesareo series


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