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Deejayk Deejayk 15 April

Wiki reaches 10,000 page milestone!

As I logged in this morning, I noticed that the wiki had reached a milestone: it now includes 10,000 pages of information!

Although number of pages isn't everything, this is a pretty big accomplishment. The site contained fewer than 1,000 pages of information when I became involved and "adopted" the wiki which had been abandoned by its founder, so this represents a greater than tenfold increase in scope since that time.

Credit for reaching this point is shared with all of those who've contributed their time and expertise (all on a 100% volunteer basis) to expand the site. Significantly, I'd like to shout out Incubu who has poured untold hours into expanding the wiki's scope over the past couple of years.

\m/ - DeeJayK

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Deejayk Deejayk 23 January 2023

Initial 2023 wiki updates are complete

The documentation of the initial batch of 2023 models and changes has been completed. The current tally for 2023 stands at 548 models, 37 of which are new and 38 of which are updated for the new model year. In addition new finishes are offered on at least 13 more models.

This year brought no major, wholesale changes to the lineup. The only new series added is the FRH series which is a new acoustic line based loosely on the Telecaster-inspired FR series solid-body models and teased late last year with Tim Henson's signature TOD10N.

The biggest retirements for 2023 include the AX guitar series and the Affirma bass series, both of which were likely fairly low-volume offerings.

Check out the full 2023 at Portal:2023.

 \m/ DeeJayKTalk! 15:30, 23 January 2023 (UTC)

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Deejayk Deejayk 17 June 2022

2022 mid-year models are live

Over the last few weeks we've been putting the finishing touches on the 2022 mid-year models. While there's no doubt a few additional spot models will probably appear between now and the end of the year, we can be confident that the vast bulk of the 2022 models have now been captured.

For full details, see the 2022 portal.

 \m/ DeeJayKTalk! 02:50, 17 June 2022 (UTC)

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