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Code: MA
Period: 1989–1991
Total models: 0
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More about the American Master series

The American Master series were a limited run of Ibanez badged guitars made by America luthiers in California in 1990. There were VERY few made (by all accounts, less than 100) because the small luthiers couldn't keep up with demand. They are very high quality RGs, the best you'll ever see.

American Master models

American Masters models 
1991 MA1FM.jpg
MA1FM (1991)
MA1QM (1991)
1990 MA2HSH BK.jpg
MA2HSH (1990)
MA3HH Cherry Sunburst.jpg
MA3HH (1990)
1990 MA3HSH TP.png
MA3HSH (1990)

List of all 5 models in the American Master series

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