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Total # of 1992 models: 125
New models for 1992: 51
Updated in 1992: 21
Discontinued from 1991: 41
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This page aims to display all of the Ibanez solid body guitar models that were produced for the 1992 model year.

Note that not every model listed here was available in every market throughout the world. Also, not every available finish (color) is represented — to see all the available finishes for a particular model you must click-through to that model's article.

Ibanez solid body guitars

Signature models (Go to page)

FGM100 DY.jpg
FGM100 (Frank Gambale)
JEM777 DY.jpg
JEM777 (Steve Vai)
JEM777V DY.png
JEM777V (Steve Vai)
JEM7P BK.jpg
JEM7P (Steve Vai)
JS1 WH 1993.jpg
JS1 (Joe Satriani)
JS3 (Joe Satriani)
JS4 (Joe Satriani)new
JS5 (Joe Satriani)new
JS6 OL.jpg
JS6 (Joe Satriani)new
PGM300 WH.gif
PGM300 (Paul Gilbert)
PGM100 JB.jpg
PGM100 (Paul Gilbert)
1992 PS10R BK.png
PS10R (Paul Stanley)new
RBM1 BK 93.jpg
RBM1 (Reb Beach)
RBM1S BU.jpg
RBM1S (Reb Beach)
RBM2 (Reb Beach)
UV7 BK.jpg
UV7 (Steve Vai)
UV7P WH.jpg
UV7P (Steve Vai)
UV77 MC.jpg
UV77 (Steve Vai)
UV777 GR.jpg
UV777 (Steve Vai)

RG series (Go to page)
Signature models (Go to page)
PGM100 JB.jpg
PGM100 (Paul Gilbert)
PGM300 WH.gif
PGM300 (Paul Gilbert)
USA Custom (Go to page)
92UCGR1 Ice World.png
92UCGR1 (Ice World)new
92UCGR2 No Bones About It.png
92UCGR2 (No Bones About It)new
92UCGR3 Grim Reaper.png
92UCGR3 (Grim Reaper)new
92UCGR4 Angels Depart.png
92UCGR4 (Angels Depart)new
92UCGR5 Unzipped.png
92UCGR5 (Unzipped)new
92UCGR6 Sea Monster.png
92UCGR6 (Sea Monster)new
92UCGR7 Aliens Revenge.png
92UCGR7 (Alien's Revenge)new
92UCGR8 Cosmic Swirl II.png
92UCGR8 (Cosmic Swirl II)new
Standard line

RT series (Go to page)

EX series (Go to page)

S series (Go to page)
Signature models (Go to page)
FGM100 DY.jpg
FGM100 (Frank Gambale)
Standard line

SF series (Go to page)

SV series (Go to page)

Radius series (Go to page)

Artist series (Go to page)

X series (Go to page)
Signature models (Go to page)
1992 PS10R BK.png
PS10R (Paul Stanley)new

Ibanez hollow body guitars

Signature semi-acoustic models (Go to page)
2019 GB10 BS 00 07 en 1.png
GB10 (George Benson)
1992 GB12 BS.png
GB12 (George Benson)
1988 GB30 BK.png
GB30 (George Benson)

Artstar series (Go to page)

Ibanez bass guitars

Soundgear (SR) series (Go to page)

1992 catalogs

1992 Ibanez catalogs 

Lists of 1992 models

Alphabetical list of all 125 models produced in 1992

Models introduced in 1992

The following 51 models were introduced in 1992:

Models updated in 1992

The following 17 models were changed from the previous year's model:

Models with new finishes in 1992

The following 4 models had a new finish introduced in 1992:

Sources and notes

  1. The numbers in this infobox are based on the number of guitar models known by and added to Ibanez Wiki and listed in (one of) the correct categories. The more models are added, the more accurate the numbers.