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The PGB1 is a four string solid body electric bass model introduced by Ibanez for 2007. It is a signature model for American bassist Paul Gray who was known primarily for his work with the American heavy metal band Slipknot. It was produced initially in South Korea; production moved to Indonesia for 2009.

The PGB1 features an ATK series double-cutaway swamp ash body bolted to a maple and walnut neck with a 22 fret rosewood fingerboard with special inlays at the second and twelfth frets. Components include a single Ibanez ATK triple-coil pickup, an ATK4 bridge, a plastic nut and Ibanez tuners with clover buttons.

For 2009, when production moved to Indonesia, several changes were introduced: the body material was changed to light ash, the finish was changed to burgundy wine and the neck was changed to laminated maple.

The PGB1L is a left-handed version (Gray was a left-handed player).

The PGB1 was discontinued shortly after Gray's untimely death in 2010.


Specifications for PGB1
Model name: PGB1
Year(s) produced: 2007–2010
Sold in: Asia & Africa / China / Europe / Japan / North & South America and Oceania / USA
Made in: South Korea / Indonesia
Finish(es): Burgundy Wine (BGW) 2009–2010 / Transparent Black 2007–2008
Body type:
Solid body
Body material:
2007–2008: Swamp ash
2009–2010: Light ash
Neck joint:
Five bolt AANJ
Knob style:
Knurled metal dome
Hardware color:
Cosmo black
Neck type:
Neck material:
2007–2008: 5-piece maple/ walnut
2009–2010: 3-piece maple
Scale length:
864mm / 34"
Fingerboard material:
Fingerboard inlays:
PGB special at 2nd & 12th frets
22 / jumbo
Black plastic (45mm)
Machine heads:
Ibanez w/ clover keys
Electronics/ Strings
Bridge pickup:
Ibanez ATK Triple-coil passive
Ibanez ATK 3-band EQ
Single volume / 3-band EQ (bass, mid, & treble boost/cut) / pickup coil selector toggle
Output jack:
¼" stereo barrel (side mounted)
String gauge (factory):
.050/.070/.090/.110 (D'Addario)
Factory tuning:
1D,2A,3E,4B (B std.)
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Additional finishes/ details
2010 PGB1 BGW.jpg
Burgundy Wine finish
Painted neck & 5-bolt joint
Pgb1tk finish.jpg
Truss rod adjuster at body end
Pgb1rtk inlay.jpg
Twelfth fret "2" inlay
Pgb1rtk inlay2.jpg
Second fret Slipknot "S" logo inlay
PGB1 cavity-cover.jpg
Cavity cover with printed "Paul 2" autograph
Pgb1tk eq.jpg
Bridge, pickup, controls & output
PGB-ATK controls-layout.jpg
Controls layout
ATK TripleCoilPickup switching.png
Coil-selector switch
ATK-3-bandEQ freq-resp.jpg
EQ frequency response