The OGE1086TFB tremolo is a guitar bridge developed and manufactured for Ibanez, presumably by Gotoh. It debuted in 1985 on a handful of Axstar series models.

The OGE1086TFB is a single locking tremolo system in which the string is locked only with a string lock on the headstock behind the nut. It is a dual point tremolo in which a pair of knife edges on the tremolo plate pivot against a pair of studs mounted into the top of the guitar.

The OGE1086TFB bridge consists of a cast metal baseplate below which is screwed a cast metal block. A variable number of springs (typically 2 to 4) are attached to this block and then to a claw mounted in the rear of the guitar. The position of the claw is adjustable to allow the tension of the springs to balance the tension of the strings.

The OGE1086TFB was discontinued after 1985.


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