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The Mick Thomson series is a line of solid body electric guitars produced by Ibanez. It is the signature series of Mick Thomson, lead guitarist for American heavy metal band Slipknot.

The first model in the series, the original MTM1, was introduced in 2006. The MTM1 was based on the Ibanez RG series. That model was followed by five more Mick Thomson models. Four of the six models in the series are RG-based, while the last two are based on the Glaive body. All of the MTM models are built for downtuning; they come from the factory with heavy strings and are tuned to Thomson's signature C# G# E B F# B tuning.

The series was discontinued in 2016 when Thomson left Ibanez.


Original RG-style models

The first signature guitar Ibanez produced for Thomson was the MTM1 which arrived in 2006. It has a mahogany RG body with neck-thru construction, a Wizard II neck with a reversed headstock, a fixed bridge and dual EMG active humbucking pickups. The EMG pickups were replaced by Seymour Duncans for 2008. It has a simplified control layout with just a master volume and a 3-way pickup selector and no tone control.

A year after the arrival of the inaugural MTM1, the MTM2 was introduced for 2007. It is essentially a less expensive mass-market version of the MTM1 to bring the Mick Thomson style to a wider audience. It retains the overall aesthetics of the MTM1 with the RG body shape and reversed headstock but loses the neck-thru construction in favor of a bolt-on neck. The back of the MTM2's neck is painted to match the body. It has a lower-end fixed bridge and Ibanez Vintage passive humbuckers. The Ibanez pickups were replaced for 2010 by active "Duncan Designed" pickups, which were produced by Ibanez from Seymour Duncan designs.

Glaive-style models

Both the MTM100 and the MTM10 were introduced in 2012, with a design directly inspired by the Glaive series. These models were discontinued after 2014.

Return of the RG-bodied models

A more common body shape is brought to the newest MTM20 in 2014. It was joined in 2015 by a reincarnated MTM1.

Thomson leaves Ibanez

In mid, 2016 Mick Thomson's involvement as an Ibanez endorser ended. Shortly thereafter it was announced that Thomson had signed with Jackson to endorse their guitars and Thomson dropped his MTMs in favor of a custom Jackson.[1][2]

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