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  • I haven't seen you around on the wiki much. I hope everything is well with you. I fully understand that you may be busy with other things.

    I just wanted to make sure that there wasn't something I did (or didn't do) that drove you away. If there was, I'd like to understand what it was that so that I can make the site as welcoming to other editors as possible.

    Progress has slowed down a bit since you were last active, but I'm still plugging away at filling in the gaps. As of now we've built "comprehensive" coverage for 2001–present, which is great. Now I'm focusing on tackling the 90's.

    I've added catalog articles back as far as 1994, and I've made some changes to the style of the recent catalog articles. Most notably I've taken to importing the catalog scans into the site and then integrating them into the article themselves using a "slideshow" element.

    The idea for this design began because the 2005 USA catalog is missing from Ibanez' archive. I serendipitously came across a hard copy of this catalog, which I scanned and uploaded. Once I saw how useful it was to have the catalog on the wiki, I started using a similar approach for the other catalogs.

    The other advantage this approach has is that by linking to internal copies of the catalogs, the wiki is less at risk of having a bunch of broken links should Ibanez decide to take down or change the URL of their archives.

    Anyway, since you are the original architect of the catalog pages, I'd love to get your input on this change. 1998 Japan catalog gives a good representative example of what the new design looks like.

    My intention is to eventually retrofit this design approach to all the existing catalog articles.

    Thanks,  \m/ DeeJayKTalk! 16:18, August 26, 2016 (UTC)

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    • Hi Deejayk,

      Sorry for the lack of news, it was sure very impolite on my side to have left the wiki for weeks & weeks (=several months) without even giving a little "hi there" from time to time. I've been busy IRL with stupid work schedules and exhausting manual tasks which really discouraged me from "working" on a wiki back home. Now it's better but... in the meantime I've also bought a new Ibanez x) a S521L not to name it, so I still play the guitar like an ass but at least I play guitar a little again. Well, that's not really an excuse, I know.

      You have done a ridiculously good work on your own, creating so many new catalogs, uploading images for every one of them, then documenting all missing models. And more: all the disambiguation pages which are incredibly useful. I don't even know if I can reach such a high level of details, not to speak about the guitar pages themselves, going way deeper than the mere "wood this, tremolo that". So I don't know if my work (as I've done it until now) would match your current level of expectation -take it as a compliment ;)

      Since you've been working non-stop on the wiki, you have a precise sense of "timing" and you know what needs to be done first between catalogs, models, sub-pages like neck types, etc. I really want to give you a hand so if you feel like giving me any task I would be glad to help. I have lost track of your "exact position" regarding your current work so just tell me anything that would ease your workload (BTW your 98 catalog is really good, it's like a 2-in-1 catalog I guess? Early/Late 1998? Nice idea to combine both).

      Now I really feel guilty for you feeling guilty because of me, you've done so much for this wiki! And you're also more tenacious than me indeed ;)

      dam, where as gone the stupid button to add signature/timestamp already? I'm all rusty x)

      edit, four tildes attack. KainTGC (talk) 17:53, August 26, 2016 (UTC)

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    • First things first: congrats on the new guitar! How do you like the S-series compared to your SA? Weird that we don't have the lefty version of the S521 documented on the wiki — I assume it hasn't shown up in any catalog yet. What year is yours?

      Again, no reason to feel bad about being busy IRL. My inquiry was not to give you guilt, but just to check in. That said, it has been a bit lonely around these parts. ;-)

      I feel like I've finally built a pretty decent format for a guitar model article that has a good balance between brevity and verbosity without just reiterating the speclist in prose form. I know we discussed that very issue in the past. It's been an iterative process, but now it's mostly just a matter of sort of copy-and-pasting and filling in the specifics.

      Glad you found the recently improved disambiguation pages. I sorta wanted to ask you what you thought of them. I agree that they can be quite useful for some models. There are probably opportunities to add a few more of these sorts of articles.

      As far as what to work on, it's really just the same as we were doing before, except that we're now working back in time (from 2000 to 1987) rather than forward (from 2011 through 2016). Feel free to jump in wherever you like whether that's tackling redlinks in the catalog articles or adding the remaining catalogs or cleaning up parts pages or whatever. You could build the S521L article. ;) If it seems like we start tripping over each other we can deal with that as it occurs.

      Glad you're doing well. Hope you're having a nice summer.

       \m/ DeeJayKTalk! 20:31, August 26, 2016 (UTC)

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    • I just finished with the 2000 catalogs. I'm going to focus on adding more catalogs from 1993 and before. If you want to pick up the torch on filling in the missing models (redlinks from catalog articles) for 1999 and prior, that would be cool. Or you can work on anything else that grabs your attention.

       \m/ DeeJayKTalk! 20:36, August 29, 2016 (UTC)

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