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The Lo-TRS installed in an Ibanez guitar Enlarge sprite.png

The Lo-TRS, which is sometimes referred to as the Lo TRS, or as the Lo-TRS I (after the Lo-TRS II was released) is a double locking tremolo bridge. It was made for Ibanez by Takeuchi Manufacturing of Japan based on a design licensed from Floyd Rose. It came equipped on several Ibanez electric guitars.

The Lo-TRS is a floating tremolo with die cast saddles. The bridge is stamped and then hardened using heat treatment. Both the height and tension of the tremolo arm are adjustable.[1]

The Lo-TRS is a redesigned version of the original TRS-101 which doesn't protrude as far from the guitar body. The Lo-TRS II is a less expensive version of the Lo-TRS that was used in guitars made in Korea.


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