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This list explains various recurring and nonrecurring suffixes Ibanez appends to the end of its guitar model numbers. These suffixes are typically abbreviations for some aspect of the instrument's specifications, e.g. "FM" will typically indicate a flame maple top or veneer. They are considered an integral part of the model number and are used to distinguish similar models.

A single model name may include more than one suffix from the list below. Take for example the RGIT20FE, the first portion of this name is covered in the broader article on Ibanez model numbers, but let's take a look at those final two letters. In this case the F indicates this model has a fixed bridge, while the E denotes the model's EMG pickups. So if you can't find a particular multi-character suffix in this table, try breaking it down into individual components.

These suffixes should not be confused with finish (color) codes which are also sometimes appended to the end of a model name. As a single model often has more than one available finish, these finish codes are not considered as part of the model name for the sake of classification here in the wiki. All finishes offered for a particular model are documented here in a single article.

Suffix Meaning Example(s)
7 Indicates a seven-string model JEM7V7
A Ash top RGT220A
A Puma ash top RG652AG
A ? (used for certain GIO models in Japan) GRX40A, GRX90A
AB Ash burl top S4170AB
AH Ash body RG542AH, RG652AHM, FRIX7FEAH
AH Celebrating Australis-Hoshino partnership RG40AH
AL Axion Label line RGA60AL
AX Ash body and EX (see below) RG370AX
B Black hardware S470B, RG350ZB
B Bad Horsie JEM77B
B Mahogany burl top RGV3750BD
B Sapele burl top RG652BG
BB Buckeye burl top RG921WBB
BC Bocote top AZ242BC, RGR621XEBC
BE Birdseye maple top RG502BE, RG503BE
BG Bubinga top SAS36BG
BKP Uses Bare Knuckle pickups RG90BKP
BM Burl mahogany body S540BM
BW Burled olive walnut top S5470BW
BW Bastogne walnut (burl?) top AZ2402BWB
BWE Black and white ebony top S5221BWE
C Cocobolo top/back/sides AS93C
C Compact? JCRG16C01
CL Classic AT100CL, PS10CL
CM Cinnamon top RG420CM
CM Curly maple top SC420CM
CR Chrome finish JS1CR30, JS1CR
CSD Designed at Ibanez' L. A. Custom Shop in California RG6CSD1, AX6CSD1
CT Curly maple top (?) RG2820CT, RG7CTTL
CW Black walnut top RGEW520MCW
CW Claro walnut top RG421CW
D Dot position markers JEM7D
D Seymour Duncan pickups RG8420ZD, RGV3750BD
D DiMarzio pickups RGIX6FDLB, RGRT621DPB
D Short for DX (see below) RGR370D
DEX Short for DX EX (see below) GRG220DEX
DM "Diamond" (bejeweled with rhinestones) PS1DM
DX Deluxe (fancier looks with binding, inlays etc.) RG350DX, RG550DX
E EMG pickups RG8420ZE, RGIR9FME
E Short for EX (see below) RG2550E, RG7EF2
E Ebony fretboard RGR621XEBC
EA Earth (?) JEM7EAFX
EG Engraved guitar (used for the RG Creations engraved body top guitars) RG420EG
ET Equipped with an Evertune bridge RGD61ALET
EX Extreme (metal style guitar, for example with EMG pickups, sharktooth inlays, etc.) RGT6EX, S520EX
F Flamed maple top RGA321F, S5470F
F Gravure flame maple top RGR480F, RG380F
F Roasted flamed maple fretboard AZ2402FF
F Fixed bridge FRIX6FEAH, SIX6FDFM
F Floating pickup(s) AF711F, SS401F
FA Flamed ash top RG320FA
FB Figured bubinga top S2170FB
FM Flamed maple top RG7321FM, RG1070FM
FS Flamed sapele top RG520FS
FW Figured poplar (wood?) top S2170FW
FX Fixed bridge RGT42FX
G Roland GK compatible RG1520G
G Gold hardware RG652BG
GB Gig bag included GRGM21GB
GF Gravure flame top RG570GF
GH Gravure hard maple top RG370GH
GK Features Roland GK system RG420GK
GP Graphic print finish (used for the Graphic Print RG subseries) RG370DXGP1, RG370DXGP2, RG370DXGP3, RG370DXGP4
GX Gold hardware, deluxe RG1550GX
H Mahogany body RGT220H
H Semi-hollow JTK30H, RC365H
H Hipshot D-tuner AX320H
HAM Hoshino Anniversary Model (models made in honor of the 90th anniversary of the Hoshino company)


HH HH pickup configuration 540S-HH
HP High Power (maybe?), has a built in speaker GRGM51HP
HP High Performance (equipped with name brand pickups) RGA42HPT
K Used to denote year 2K (2000) Millennium models JEM2K, JS2K
K Australian blackwood top RG652K
K Koa top AZ2402K
KA Koa top RG470KA
L Left-handed guitar model RG1570L
LB Laurel burl top RGIX6DLB
LTD Limited edition (generally produced in small numbers) RG09LTD, PS10LTD, RG6PFGMLTD
LTD Indicates a higher-end model S540LTD, RG550LTD
LW Limba wood top RG752LWFX, RG852LW
M Maple fingerboard RG1550M
M Roasted maple fingerboard RGEW521MZW
MB Maple burl top SA560MB
ME Macassar ebony construction AM93ME
MF Mukali flame top RG470DMFZ
MH Mahogany body RG321MH
MPL Maple back and sides AVD15MPL
MW Myrtle wood top RG8570MW, AZ2402MW
N Nylon-string guitar SC500N
P Pyramid inlays JEM7P, UV777P
P Indicates a Premium line model UV70P, JEM77P
P Pearloid pickguard TM302PM
PB Poplar burl top S670PB, RGR621XPB
PFR Pau ferro back and sides AVD15PFR
PG Paper Art Guitar (used for the RG creations Paper Art Finish guitars) RG320PG
PV Pearl vine inlaid top AF95PV/ AS93PV
Q Quilted maple top RGT320Q
QA Quilted ash top AR325QA
QA Quilted art grain top ART120QA, GRGM22QA
QH Quilted ash top GRG120QH
QM Quilted maple top SZ520QM, S470DXQM
QS Quilted sapele top RG320QS, RG520QS
R Rosewood fingerboard RG550RXX, AT10RP
R Reissue PS10R
RE Reissue PGM100RE, AR300RE
RW Rosewood top S970WRW
S Stainless steel frets RG6UCS
S Soapbar pickup equipped JTK2S
S Special order or special production run RG652MBQS, RG752MFS
S Spalted maple top RG8620S
S Silver Surfer graphic JS20S
S Equipped with a Sustainiac JS240PS
SC Showcase model S2009SC, SV2009SC
SE Swirled ebony top S670SE, S2170SE
SH SH (or HS) pickup configuration 540S-SH
SK Silky oak RG657MSK, S6570SK
SM Spalted maple top RGIX20FESM
SP Special edition model RG27SP, RGT32FMSP, GRG6SP1
SP Spalted maple top RG8527SP
SPL Special edition model S100SPL
T Tremolo bridge RGA72TQM, RGAR42MFMT
T Vibrato tailpiece AS93TG
th Used for Anniversary models (10th = 10th anniversary, 20th is 20th anniversary, etc.) JEM10th, JS20th
TL Tree of Life fretboard inlays RG7CTTL
TN Twin neck 540STN
UC Indicates a Prestige Uppercut model RGD7UC, ARZ6UCS, FR6UC
V Vine inlay JEM7V, JEM77V, JEM777V
V Volo shorter scale basses BTB845V
W Wide string spacing SR2405W
X Double Edge, Double Lo Pro Edge or Double Edge Pro piezo pickup equipped RG1820X, S2020X
X Extended scale neck RGR621XPB
XH Extra length 27 fret fingerboard XPT700XH
XL Extra long 27" scale length neck RG1077XL, RG2027XL
XX 20th anniversary model (Roman numeral XX) RG550MXX, RG8570ZXX
XXV 25th anniversary model (Roman numeral XXV) RG1XXV, S1XXV
WM Wenge top on mahogany body RG752WMFX
WN Walnut top S570WN
W Wenge neck S970WRW, SA1060WZC
W Wenge fretboard RGR621XW
W White pickups/ pickguard GRX20W
Z Edge Zero or Edge Zero II tremolo equipped RG2570Z, RGT320Z
ZB Zebra-finished ash body BL300ZB
ZC Ziricote top SA1060WZC, RGEW521ZC
ZW Zebrawood top RGEW521MZW

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