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The following is a comprehensive list of finishes that Ibanez uses or has used for guitar models, including all acronyms used to identify the finishes in catalogs. This list contains finishes used by Ibanez since the 70s and also includes finishes used for bass guitar and acoustic guitar models.

A lot of acronyms are used for multiple (non-identical) finishes, for example, SB is used for five different finishes including four shades of blue (Note: When an acronym has multiple meanings, numbers are added to the acronym field of the table to create unique identifiers for each of the finishes for future purposes on this website. These numbered acronyms are not used this way by Ibanez).

In some cases multiple acronyms are used for the same color, such as YE, YL and YW for 'Yellow'. For now it remains uncertain whether these finishes are truly unique.

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z


AB (1) Antique Bronze
AB (2) Arctic Blue
AB (3) Atlantic Blue
ABB (1) Atlantic Blue Burst
ABB (2) Azure Blue Sunburst
ABM Arctic Blue Metallic
ABS Antique Brown Sunburst
ABT Abyss Blue Burst
ACV Antique Cherry Violin
AL Autumn Leaf
AM Amber
AMB Amber Burst
AMP Amber Pearl
AMS Amber Sunburst
ANF Antique Violin Flat
ANT Aged Natural
AO Arctic Ocean
AP Aged Plaster
AQ Aquamarine
AS (1) Amber Stain
AS (2) Antique Sunburst
ASB Autumn Sunset Burst
ATB Antique Burst
ATF Antique Burst Flat
AV Antique Violin


BA Blonde Amber
BAG Burled Art Grain
BAM Bio Armor (engraved)
BAR Blue Arctic Frost
BB (1) Blackberry
BB (2) Blazer Blue
BB (3) Blue Burst
BB (4) Blueberry
BBB Bright Blue Burst
BBC Blackberry Caiman
BBD Bleached Blond
BBK Biker's Black
BBL Bright Blue
BBS (1) Blackberry Sunburst
BBS (2) Blue Black Sunburst
BBT (1) Bright Blue Burst
BBT (2) Brown Burst
BC Black Cherry
BCM Blue Chameleon
BD Black Gold
BE Blue Halfburst
BEB Blue Blast
BFP Blue Floral Pattern
BG (1) Blade Gray
BG (2) Brazilian Grain Mat Finish
BG (3) British Racing Green
BG (4) Bubinga
BGN Black Green
BGW Burgundy Wine
BH (1) Black Haze
BH (2) Black Hole
BHB Black Haze Burst
BI Black Iron
BK Black
BKB Black Blast
BKC Black Caiman
BKD Black Blonde
BKF Black Flat
BKN Black Night
BKS Black Sunburst
BL Blue
BLB Blue Moon Burst
BLD Blue Shadow
BLE Bluish-purple Hauyne
BLH Blue Haze
BLM (1) Black Lava Metallic
BLM (2) Blue Moon
BLS Blue Sunburst
BM Brown Mahogany
BMB Beam Blue
BN (1) Blue Neon
BN (2) Blue Night
BNC Brown Caiman
BOL Black Oil
BP Black Pearl
BR (1) Blood Red
BR (2) Brazilian Red
BR (3) Bright Red Burst
BR (4) Brown
BR (5) Burgundy Red
BRD Brick Red (engraved)
BRM Burgundy Red Metallic
BRS (1) Black Red Sunburst
BRS (2) Brown Stain
BRT Bright Red Burst
BS Brown Sunburst
BSB Burnt Stained Blue
BST (1) Blue Sunburst
BST (2) Brown Sunburst
BSV Briljant Silver
BT Butterscotch Transparent
BTB Burnt Transparent Blue
BTE Brown Tiger Eye
BTN Bluestone
BTS Butterscotsch Transparent Sunburst
BTV Burnt Transparent Violin
BU Blue
BWF Burgundy Wine Flat
BWH Beehive White (engraved)
BX Black Onyx
BY Burgundy


CA Candy Apple
CAB Caribbean Blue Lagoon
CAF Candy Apple Flat
CAM Camouflage
CAS Candy Apple Sunburst
CB (1) Caribbean Blue
CB (2) Cosmic Blue
CBB (1) Cedar Blue Burst
CBB (2) Cedar Brown Sunburst
CBB (3) Cerulean Blue Burst
CBF Copper Brush Flat
CBK (1) Cubed Black Pewter
CBK (2) Cosmo Black Plate
CBL Cubed Blue
CBS (1) Carmel Sunburst
CBS (2) Cornflower Blue Sunburst
CC Condensed Cream
CDO Crashed Deep Ocean
CDR Crashed Dark Ruby
CE Canal Dark Blue
CF Cherry Fudge
CG (1) Café Grey
CG (2) Caiman Green
CG (3) Champage Gold
CH (1) Chrome
CH (2) Cherry
CI Cherry Ice
CK Cosmo Black
CKF Charcoal Black Flat
CLM Cosmic Blue Mica
CM (1) Copper Metallic
CM (2) Coral Mist Metallic
CM (3) Crimson Metallic
CN Charcoal Brown
CNB Charcoal Brown Burst
CNF Charcoal Brown Flat
CO Carotene Orange
COB Comet Blue
COG Comet Green
COR Comet Red
COY Comet Yellow
CP (1) Coral Pink
CP (2) Crystal Pearl
CPK Cyber Pink
CR (1) Cinder Red
CR (2) Cranberry Red
CRB Crimson Burst
CRK Cherry Black
CRM Cream
CRS Cherry Red Sunburst
CS Cherry Sunburst
CSM Cobweb Silver Metallic
CSS Caribbean Sea Sands
CT Transparent Coral
CW (1) Cherry Wine
CW (2) Crimson Wine
CYB Crystal Black
CYW Crystal Wine


DA (1) Dark Amber
DA (2) Divine Amber
DAA Dark Autumn Amber
DAB Dark Adriatic Blue
DAM Dark Amber
DAS Dark Amber Sunburst
DB (1) Dark Blue
DB (2) Dark Brown
DBF Dark Tide Blue Flat
DBK Deep Black
DBL Deep Blue
DBS (1) Dark Blue Stain
DBS (2) Dark Brown Sunburst
DCD Deep Coral Red
DG (1) Dark Gray
DG (2) Deep Green
DGB Dark Green Burst
DGF Damp Green Flat
DHS (1) Dark Honey Sunburst
DHS (2) Deep Honey Sunburst
DKS Deep Black Sunburst
DMN Dark Misty Night
DPP Deep Purple
DPS Deep Purple Sunburst
DR Deep Red
DRD Deep Red
DRF Dark Red Stained Flat
DRS Dark Red Sunburst
DS (1) Dark Brown Stain
DS (2) Desert Sunburst
DSB Dark Sunset Burst
DSF Dark Stain Flat
DSH Devil's Shadow
DSP Dark Space
DST Desert Sunset Burst
DTS Distressed Tobacco Sunburst
DTV Dark Night Violet
DV Dark Violin
DVF Deep Violet Flat
DVS Dark Violin Sunburst
DW (1) Dark Wine
DW (2) Deep Wine
DY Desert Sun Yellow


EB Electric Blue
EG (1) Emerald Green
EG (2) Evening Glow
EPK (1) Eighties Pink
EPK (2) Elegant Pink


FA Five Alarm Red
FB (1) Fire Spark Blue
FB (2) Fountain Blue
FBK Flag Black
FBL Flaked Blue
FCA Flag Candy Apple
FE Fire Agate
FG Forest Green
FGR Flaked Green
FOB Frozen Ocean Blue
FOF Flare Orange Flat
FP Floral Pattern
FR Fire Red
FRO Frozen Ocean
FRW Flaked Rainbow
FSL Flaked Silver


GA (1) Gold Amber
GA (2) Green Apple
GAA Gravure Alder Amber
GAB Gold Amber Burst
GAR Gold Arctic Frost
GCM Grey Chameleon
GD Gold
GDT Gold Top
GFA Gravure Flame Amber
GFB Gravure Flame Blue
GFG Gravure Flame Green
GFP Gravure Flame Purple
GFR Gravure Flame Red
GFS Gravure Flame Smokey Grey
GFT Gravure Flame Tobacco
GG (1) Galactic Green
GG (2) Graphic Green
GI Grape Ice
GK Galaxy Black
GKF Galaxy Black Flat
GM (1) Gray Metallic
GM (2) Green Metallic
GM (3) Gun Metallic
GMC Green Multi Color
GMM Gray Meteor Metallic
GN Gray Nickel
GP (1) Gray Pewter
GP (2) Green Paisley
GP (3) Gold Pearl
GQB Gravure Quilted Brown Sunburst
GQC Gravure Quilted Cherry Sunburst
GR (1) Gold Rush
GR (2) Green
GRC Green Caiman
GRP Graphic Print
GS Gray Sunburst
GSF Green Shadow Flat
GSL Gold Sparkle
GSV Green Silver
GTE Golden Tiger Eye
GW Galaxy White


HAM Honey Amber
HBK Himalayan Black
HBT Heritage Burst
HG Hesonite Garnet
HNG Honey Gold
HP Heather Pearl
HS Honey Sunburst
HSF Honey Sunburst Flat


IB Ice Blue
IP Iron Pewter
IPF Iron Pewter Flat
IPP Iron Purple
IPT Iron Pewter
IR Inferno Red
ISH Invisible Shadow
ISL Iron Sliver (engraved)
IV Ivory


JB Jewel Blue
JBB Jewel Burst Blue
JBF Jewel Blue Flat
JBT Jewel Blue Top
JG Juniper Green
JM Jade Metallic
JPB Japan Black
JR Jewel Red
JW Jewel White


KA Koa Alder
KB Koa Brown
KN Black Night
KR Korina


LA Light Amber
LB Lazer Blue
LBB Light Blue Burst
LBL Light Blue
LBT Lapis Blue Burst
LBU Light Blue
LCB Light Citrine Burst
LD Lavender
LG (1) Loch Ness Green
LG (2) Natural Low Gloss
LIY Lime Yellow
LLZ Lapis Lazuli
LMB Liquid Metal Black
LMR Liquid Metal Red
LP Light Purple
LPB Lake Placid Blue
LPM Light Purple Metallic
LR Lipstick Red
LRD Light Red
LS (1) Lavender Stain
LS (2) Light Sunburst
LSE Light Steel Blue
LT Light Teal
LV Light Violet
LVS Light Violin Sunburst


MA Magma
MA Metallic Avocado
MAM Majestic Amber
MB (1) Metallic Black
MB (2) Metallic Blue
MBB Marine Blue Burst
MBC Magical Blue Cube
MBK (1) Metallic Black
MBK (2) Morion Black
MBL Marine Blue
MBU Marine Blue
MBZ Metallic Bronze
MC (1) Magenta Crush
MC (2) Mocca Matte
MC (3) Multi Color
MCR Mediterranean Coral Reef
MD Mediterranean Green
MDV Metallic Dark Violet
MEK Melted Black
MG (1) Magenta
MG (2) Metallic Grape
MG (3) Metallic Gray
MG (4) Metallic Green
MGD Majestic Gold
MGF Metallic Gray Flat
MGR Mint Green
MGS Metallic Gray Sunburst
MGT Magenta
MH Mahogany
MHS Mahogany Sunburst High Gloss
MKF Metallic Black Flat
MKI Metallic Khaki
MLB Metallic Light Blue
MM Mahogany
MN Mint Green
MO (1) Martini Olive
MO (2) Midnight Olive
MOF Metallic Olive Flat
MOL Mahogany Oil
MP Mystique Purple Matte
MR (1) Majestic Red
MR (2) Mandarin Red
MR (3) Maroon
MR (4) Metallic Red
MR (5) Monza Red
MRB Mirage Blue
MRR Mirage Red
MRS Metallic Red Sunburst
MS Marine Sunburst
MSB Mystic Sea Green Burst
MSS Metallic Silver Sunburst
MT Mandarin Transparent
MW Moon Shadow
MWF Moon Shadow Flat


NB (1) Night Blue
NB (2) Northern Blue
NBF Natural Brown Burst Flat
NBK Nebular Black
NBL Natural Blue
NBS Natural Brown Burst
NC Night Crow
NF Natural Fade
NG Natural Gloss
NGB Nebula Green Burst
NHS Natural Honey Sunburst
NK Nude Pink
NM Navy Metallic
NMS Navy Metallic Sunburst
NN Night Navy
NP New Penny
NSV Nineties Silver
NT Natural
NTF Natural Flat
NTM Natural Matte
NTS Natural Selenite
NW Natural Wood
NWB Neo Western Black
NY Noble Gray


OAK Obsidian Arrowhead's Black
OBL Ocean Blue
OL Oil Finish
OM Olive Metallic
OPN Open Pore Natural
OR Orange
OS Orange Sunburst
OTS Orange Transparent Sunburst
OXF Ox Blood Flat


P1 Petrucci Custom Graphic #1
P2 Petrucci Custom Graphic #2
P3 Petrucci Custom Graphic #3
P4 Petrucci Custom Graphic #4
PA Purple Amethyst
PAM Powdery Amethyst Mica
PB (1) Pale Blue
PB (2) Pearl Blue
PBL Phantom Blue
PCM Purple Chameleon
PD Padouk
PE Peacock Blue
PFG Profound Forest Green
PG Planet Green
PH (1) Pearl White
PH (2) Purple Haze
PL Pearl White
PLB Platinum Blond
PM (1) Padouk Mahogany
PM (2) Pearl Marine
PM (3) Purple Metallic
PMC Purple Multi Color
PN Purple Neon
PP Purple Pearl
PPK Poisoned Pumpkin
PR (1) Pearl Red
PR (2) Prominence
PRT Predator's Tongue
PS (1) Pink Salmon
PS (2) Pink Sunlight
PSV Premium Silver
PT Pewter
PTM Paraiba Tourmaline
PW (1) Pearl White
PW (2) Polar White


QM Quilted Maple


RAR Red Arctic Frost
RB (1) Regal Blue
RB (2) Root Beer
RB (3) Royal Blue
RBB Regal Brown Burst
RBE Red Bean
RBF Royal Blue Flat
RBK Roadrage Black
RBM Root Beer Metallic
RBR (1) Root Beer Red
RBR (2) Royal Brown
RBT Red Burst
RCB Resonant Café Brown
RCM Red Chameleon
RCN Red Carnelian
RD Red
RDD Red Shadow
RDO Red Optimus
RDV Resonant Deep Violin
RF Road Flare Red
RFB Red Flame Burst
RFG Resonant Forest Green
RGS Royal Green Sunburst
RLG Resonant Natural Low Gloss
RLV Resonant Low Violin
RM (1) Raspberry Metallic
RM (2) Rootbeer Metallic
RMR Rock Mirror
ROB Royal Orangeburst
ROM Roadster Orange Metallic
RP Red Pearl
RPK Rhodonite Pink
RPR Red Planet Red (engraved)
RPS Red Pearl Sunburst
RR (1) Red Rock
RR (2) Ruby Red
RRD Rubber Red
RRF Red Rock Flat
RRS Red Rock Sunburst
RS (1) Red Spinel
RS (2) Red Sun
RS (3) Red Sunburst
RST Red Sunburst
RSW Red Shock Wave
RUF Rusty Glitter Flat
RV Royal Violet
RVF Red Viking Flat
RVK Red Viking
RW (1) Rosewood
RW (2) Royal Wine
RW (3) Royal Walnut
RWN Royal Wine
RWS Royal Wine Sunburst
RY Raspberry Red


SA Sangria
SAR Silver Arctic Frost
SB (1) Silky Blue
SB (2) Sky Blue
SB (3) Soft Blue
SB (4) Sovereign Blue
SB (5) Sunburst
SBB (1) Stained Blue Burst
SBB (2) Steel Blue Burst
SBK Spider Black (engraved)
SBL Sparkle Blue
SBS Stained Brown Sunburst
SD Silver Sand
SDB Suede Black
SDR Stained Red
SER Suede Red
SG (1) Smoke Green
SG (2) Sunset Gold
SGF Smoke Green Flat
SH Splash
SHM Shattered Mirror
SK Shocking Pink
SKB Sky Blue
SL (1) Silver
SL (2) Sparkling Lime
SLB (1) Silky Blue
SLB (2) Starlight Blue
SLG (1) Silky Garnet
SLG (2) Surreal Blue Burst Gloss
SLK Silky Black
SLV Silver Mountain
SM (1) Saman
SM (2) Silver Metal
SOB Soda Blue
SOL Stained Oil
SP (1) Sapphire
SP (2) Silver Pearl
SPB (1) Sapphire Blue
SPB (2) Sapphire Burst
SR (1) Safari Red
SR (2) Sunset Red
SRS See-Through Red Sunburst
SRU Scarlet Ruby
SS (1) Silver Smoke
SS (2) Sour Apple Sparkle
SSB Seventies Sunburst
SSW Silver Shock Wave
ST Transparent Sienna
SV (1) Satin Violin
SV (2) Silver
SVB Silver Burst
SVF Silver Flat
SVS See Through Violet Sunburst
SVT Silver Top
SVW Silver Wolf
SW Snow White


TA Transparent Aqua
TAB Transparent Aqua Blue
TB Transparent Blue
TBB Transparent Blue Sunburst
TBC Transparent Black Cherry
TBL Transparent Blue
TBP Transparent Black Pearl
TBR Transparent Brown
TBS Transparent Blue Sunburst
TBU Transparent Blue
TBY Transparent Burgundy
TC Transparent Cherry
TCB Transparent Black Cherry
TCR Transparent Cherry
TDA Transparent Dark Amber
TDB (1) Transparent Dark Brown
TDB (2) Transparent Deep Blue
TE (1) Transparent Deep Blue
TE (2) Transparent Ebony
TEB Transparent Emerald Burst
TF Tobacco Flat
TFB Trifade Burst
TG (1) Tangerine
TG (2) Transparent Gray
TG (3) Transparent Green
TGB Transparent Gray Burst
TGF Transparent Gray Flat
TGR Transparent Green
TGS Transparent Gray Sunburst
TGT Transparent Gray Flat
TGY Titanium Gray
THS Transparent Hibiscus Sunburst
TI Titanium Ice
TK Transparent Black
TKF Transparent Black Flat
TKS Transparent Black Sunburst
TL Transparent Lavender
TLB (1) Transparent Lavender Burst
TLB (2) Transparent Light Blue
TLF Transparent Lavender Flat
TLS Transparent Lavender Sunburst
TM Transparent Magenta
TNG Tangerine Gloss
TO Transparent Orange
TOR (1) Transparent Orange
TOR (2) Transparent Orange Red
TOS Transparent Ocean Blue Sunburst
TP Transparent Purple
TQ Turquoise
TR Transparent Red
TRB (1) Transparent Red Sunburst
TRB (2) Transparent Blue
TRD Transparent Red
TRF Transparent Red Flat
TRS Transparent Red Sunburst
TS Tobacco Sunburst
TSG Taped Stained Gray
TT Transparent Turquoise
TTS Transparent Turquoise Sunburst
TV (1) Traditional Violin
TV (2) Transparent Violet
TVF Transparent Violet Flat
TW Twilight Blue
TWH Transparent White
TYF Titanium Gray Flat
TYS Transparent Yellow Sunburst


UV Ultra Violet


VA Vintage Amber
VB Vintage Burst
VBB Vibrant Blue
VBE Vital Blue
VBL Vintage Blue
VBS (1) Vintage Blue Sunburst
VBS (2) Vintage Brown Sunburst
VCB Vintage Cherry Burst
VCL Violet Crystal
VF Vintage Fade
VFD Violin Fade
VGD Vital Gold
VK Vampire Kiss
VLF Violin Flat
VLS Violin Sunburst
VM Violet Metallic
VM (1) Vermillion Metallic
VM (2) Violet Metallic
VOL Vintage Oil
VOS Vintage Orange Sunburst
VP Violet Pearl
VRD Vivid Red
VS (1) Vintage Sunburst
VS (2) Violin Sunburst
VSL Vital Silver
VT (1) Vintage Sunburst
VT (2) Violet Halfburst
VTB Vintage Blue
VTC Violet Caiman
VV Vintage Violin
VYS Vintage Yellow Sunburst


WB (1) Whiskey Brown
WB (2) White Blonde
WB (3) Wine Burst
WBR Weathered Brown
WBY Weathered Burgundy
WCB Wild Cherry Blossom
WH White
WHP White Plaster
WI Barbed Wire
WK Weathered Black
WKH Weathered Black Open Pore
WM White Metallic
WN Walnut
WNF Walnut Flat
WNS Walnut Sunburst
WP (1) White Pearl
WP (2) Wine Pearl
WR Wine Red
WRS Wet Rose
WS Walnut Stain
WW Weathered White
WZ Wonder Zinc


YE Yellow
YGS Yellow Golden Sunburst
YL Yellow
YS Yellow Sunburst
YW Yellow


ZB (1) Burned ZZZZ
ZB (2) Zebra
ZB (3) Zinc Blue
ZS Zinc Silver


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