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This is an alphabetized list by surname of musicians who have made notable use of Ibanez RG models in live performances or studio recordings. Because of the great popularity of these models, musicians are listed here only if their use of these instruments was especially significant — that is, if:

  • They are musicians with long careers who have a history of faithful RG use.
  • Their use of the RG model contributed significantly to the popularization of that particular instrument.
  • They are featured in an Ibanez advertising campaign or catalog with an RG.

This list also includes artists who have an Ibanez signature model based on the RG as most of those models strongly resemble standard RG models.

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Name Band Notes
Gene Allen Lizzy Borden [1]
Joey Allen Warrant Custom RG[2][3]
Reb Beach Winger Reb Beach played various Ibanez models including his own RBM signature models. In a 1990 catalog he is pictured with an RG560[4].
Steve Blaze Lillian Axe [5]
Doug Boyle Robert Plant [1]
James Byrd Fifth Angel [1]


Name Band Notes
Rocky George Suicidal Tendencies [2][6]
Paul Gilbert Mr. Big, Racer X, solo Paul Gilbert's signature PGM series includes various models based on the RG. Before he started using his signature models he used and promoted various RG models, including a custom RG[1] and an RG550[7].
Dexter Holland The Offspring [8]
Mike Hickey Venom [1]
Gary Holt Exodus [6]
Rick Hunolt Exodus [6]


Name Band Notes
Richie Kotzen Mr. Big, Poison, solo At the beginning of his career, Richie Kotzen used Ibanez guitars, later moving on to Fender guitars. A custom RG was pictured on the cover of his Fever Dream album and he was pictured with an RG570 in a 1990 Ibanez catalog[5].
Kuni solo [1]
Mark McGee Vicious Rumors [6]
Thomas McRocklin Bad4Good Thomas McRocklin had appeared in one of Steve Vai's videos ("The Audience Is Listening") with a Custom JEM. Vai later formed the band Bad4Good with McRocklin as lead guitarist. McRocklin used a JEM77 FP[3][6].
Larry Mitchell solo Although his main guitar is a Radius model Larry Mitchell is also pictured with a white RG550[1] which he also used in the studio[3].
Dave Navarro Jane's Addiction, solo Custom RG[2]
Jeff Paris [1]
John Petrucci Dream Theater [6]


Name Band Notes
Chris Risola Steelheart [6]
Blues Saraceno solo RG550[5]
John Ster Lillian Axe RG570[5]
Erik Turner Warrant Custom RG[2][3]
Dave Uhrich solo RG550[6]
Steve Vai solo Steve Vai's own Ibanez JEM signature models were the basis for the modern RG series. He has used various custom and stock RG models in live situations including RG450 models.[9][10]


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