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The Kiko Loureiro series is a signature line of solid body electric guitar models offered by Ibanez. It is the signature guitar series of Brazilian guitarist Kiko Loureiro. Loureiro is known for is work with the metal bands Angra and Megadeth.

The guitars in the series are based on the S series, but have thicker profile which is a bit like the SA series body. The guitars are designed with versatility in mind as Loureiro plays a wide range of styles and produces an array of varying tones. As of 2017 the line consists of four models. The line includes models at a wide range of price points which are built in Japan, Indonesia and China.


The first Kiko Loureiro model offered was the KIKO100. It is based on Loureiro's custom Ibanez which he plays on stage. It has an alder body with a flamed maple top and a pair of custom DiMarzio KIKO humbucking pickups flanking a custom single coil. The humbuckers can be coil-tapped to offer single coil type sounds. The bridge is an original Edge double locking tremolo. The KIKO100 was produced in Japan to Prestige-level standards until being discontinued after 2017

The KIKO10P followed shortly after the KIKO100. It is very similar, but is produced in Indonesia as a Premium model. It has an alder body with flamed maple top, similar to the KIKO100. It uses the same custom pickups as the Japanese-made model, but has a slightly lower grade Edge Zero II double locking tremolo. Another Premium model, the KIKO10BP was introduced in 2017.

An entry-level model, the KIKOSP, was added in 2015. The KIKOSP is visually similar to the other models in the line, but it has a poplar body with an art grain flamed top. It uses Ibanez pickups in place of the custom DiMarzios of it's more expensive siblings and has a basic synchronized tremolo bridge. It also lacks the coil-tap option. The KIKOSP was available only in select markets, including Loureiro's native Brazil.

The KIKOSP was replaced for 2016 with the KIKOSP2. The new model is very similar to its predecessor except that the synchronized tremolo is replaced by a basic double locking tremolo.

The KIKO200 which is based on the RGA series was introduced in 2018. It was discontinued after 2020.

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