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The John Petrucci series is a signature line of solid body electric guitar models offered by Ibanez. It is the signature guitar series of John Petrucci, who is best known as the guitarist of American progressive metal band Dream Theater.

The series consists of just two distinct models, the JPM100 and the JPM90HAM, although the JPM100 is notable for having a number of very distinctive custom graphics.


The first John Petrucci model made publicly available was the JPM100. It was based on the RG body shape and was introduced in 1995. It had a five-year run during which time at least four but as many as seven different versions were produced. These were not unique models, but rather different custom graphics applied to the body

The only other JPM model released was the limited edition JPM90HAM. The JPM90HAM was produced to commemorate the 90th anniversary of Ibanez' parent company Hoshino Gakki.

Petrucci left Ibanez in 2000. He signed instead with Ernie Ball/ Music Man and his first Music Man signature model, the JP6 was introduced in 2001.[1][2]


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