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The J. B. Brubaker series is a Signature line of solid body electric guitar models offered by Ibanez. It is the signature guitar series of American guitarist John Benjamin "JB" Brubaker. Brubaker is known primarily as the lead guitarist for American metalcore band August Burns Red.

Brubaker's signature guitars are based off the RGA series guitar.


The initial model in the line, the JBBM20, was introduced for 2017. It was made in Indonesia. The most distinctive feature of the guitar is its green finish with a pair of white stripes running diagonally across the body.

The JBBM30 replaced the JBBM20 for 2021. The main difference is that the primary color has changed from green to black.

Series overview

For a full overview, see Portal:J. B. Brubaker series.


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