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Specifications for TS-9
Model name: TS-9
Category: Overdrive
Year(s) offered: 1990
Sold in: Worldwide
Made in: Taiwan
Price: MSRP: US$$100 (1990) • SMAP: US$75 (1991)
Knob(s)/ slider(s):
    Drive (rotary knob)
    Tone (rotary knob)
    Level (rotary knob)
    Drive2 (slider)
    Tone2 (slider)
    Level2 (slider)
Electronics specs
Input impedence: 12
Output impedence: 13
Equivalent input noise:
Power requirements: 9V DC (center-negative)
Current draw: 8mA
  Depth: 124mm/ 4.9"
  Width: 76mm/ 3"
  Height: 51mm/ 2"
Case material: Aluminum
Color(s): Green
    ¼" stereo
    ¼" stereo