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The IFX10 is a type of bridge produced for Ibanez. It was introduced in 2015 with the TM302M guitar and is used on several models in the Talman series standard line.

The IFX10 is a Telecaster style metal plate bridge. It has six independent saddles, traditional skewed pickup mounting and through body string loading. The rear of the plate is bent up to retain the saddles. The bridge is affixed to the guitar with four screws in the corners of the plate.

The bridge has six independent saddles the height of which can be adjusted using two small allen screws in the leading edge. Intonation of each string is adjusted with a screw through the back of the bridge plate into the saddle. The string spacing is 10.5mm for an E-to-E spread of 2-1/8" (54mm).

The IFX-PRO is a similar bridge which was offered on the Prestige Talmans.


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