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Anyone can edit a wiki! You do not need to be signed in or have an account. You can edit any page where you can see an edit link. The changes that you make will show on the page as soon as you save.

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Edit link

Click edit at the top of the page you want to edit.

Editing box

An "edit box" will open, type your new sentences or corrections.
Please note: on newer wikis you may see the new editor.

Editing preview

Click Preview to check what you have written.

Editing save

Click Save page to save your writing. The save toolbar also contains a summary box, which allows you to leave a note summarizing the edits you have made.

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Some other editing tips

  • Explain your edit in the 'Summary' box between the edit window and the bottom row of grey buttons. By filling it the summary box, it allows you to tell members of your wiki community why you made a certain change to an article, making communication easier. You only need to type a short message here, for example 'added introduction'.
  • Use the 'Show preview' button to check your edit before saving. Remember to save your preview before moving on. The preview button gives you a chance to check your edit for formatting and typos before it's up on the wiki for all to see. It also spares you the grief of having to go back and make another change after saving an article.
  • If you are logged in, you can mark an edit as minor by checking the 'This is a minor edit' box. This lets other editors know your edit is very small.
  • Pages that start with 'User:' are personal pages. While it's considered impolite to make major edits to other people's user pages without permission, feel free to leave messages for people on their User_talk pages.
  • Always remember to sign your talk page comments with four tildes ( ~~~~). That way, the person you're writing to will know who sent him/her the message.

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  • Help:Editing on Wikia Help, upon which this page was based. This page has more information about editing with the Rich Text Editor.
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