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The Gotoh SGS510 is a style of machine head (a.k.a. tuning peg) installed on a handful of Ibanez guitar models. It is manufactured by the G-GOTOH Gut Co., Ltd. in Japan as part of the company's flagship SG510 series

The SGS510 offers a 1:15 gear ratio. Its smaller size makes it suitable on for either six-inline or three-on-a-side (L3+R3) headstock configurations. A variety of button shapes are available, though most Ibanez guitars are equipped with the rounded "bean" shaped L5 button. It is available in locking and non-locking versions although the non-locking version is used nearly exclusively in the Ibanez applications.

SGS510 varieties

MG-T locking mechanism

The Gotoh MG-T (Magnum Lock-Trad) mechanism allows the user to lock the tuners once the instrument is in tune. It features a thumbscrew locking mechanism to stabilize tuning while playing and preventing incidental contact with the tuners from altering the instrument's tuning.

MG locking mechanism

The Gotoh MG (Magnum Lock) mechanism allows the user to lock the tuners once the instrument is in tune. Instead of a thumbscrew locking mechanism like the MG-T variety (see above) the Magnum Lock mechanism is engaged as the user twists the button to adjust the tuning.

Height adjustable locking posts (H.A.P-M)

The SGS510 is available with height-adjustable posts (H.A.P). This allows the user to adjust individual strings to dial in the oscillation, which contributes to sustain. The H.A.P-M design combines the adjustable post height with the Magnum Lock system.

Ibanez models

These machine heads are used on a variety of Artstar series hollow-body guitar models and a small handful of J Custom series RGs. For an inventory of models using the SGS510, see this list.

Similar tuning machines

The Gotoh SGS510Z is a similar model with a 1:18 gear ratio. The Gotoh SGL510 is a similar model with a slightly larger body which is suitable only for 3+3 use and a 1:18 gear ratio. Gotoh makes a more affordable tuning machine, the Gotoh SG381, which is used on a large number of Ibanez guitars. The SG381 is interchangeable with the SGS510 in terms of installation.


Additional images
SGS510 machine heads with L5 buttons installed on an AS2000
Gotoh MG-T specs.jpg
Gotoh MG-T specifications (SD90)
Gotoh SG510 HAPM.jpg
Height Adjustable Post (HAP) description
SG510 series button shapes and post options


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