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The Gotoh GB707 is a style of machine head (a.k.a. tuning peg) installed on a number of Ibanez bass models. It is manufactured by the G-GOTOH Gut Co., Ltd. in Japan. The Gotoh GB70 is a predecessor model which is virtually indistinguishable.

The GB707 offers a 1:20 gear ratio. Versions are available for four, five or six string basses and for both inline and 2-on-a-side (L2+R2) or other headstock configurations.

Ibanez models

These machine heads are used on a variety of mostly Signature series and Prestige models. For an inventory of models using the GB707, see this list.

Similar tuning machines

Ibanez also makes an in-house die-cast tuner that is visually similar to the GB707.


Additional images
Gotoh GB707 dimensions.png


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