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Ibanez Gibraltar II
The Gibraltar Standard II on an RG652FX Enlarge sprite

The Gibraltar Standard II is a hard-tail bridge used on Ibanez guitar models. It is a modified version of the Gibraltar Standard that featured more low-profiled edges, making it closer to a traditional hard-tail bridge.

It was introduced for the 2013 lineup, and was used on all the guitars that featured the Gibraltar Standard in previous years, as well as newer fixed-bridge models. In 2014, Ibanez expanded the use of the bridge onto Prestige-series guitars, including the newly-introduced RG652FX, RG752FX, and RG852FX. It features a string spacing of 10.8mm.

  • The Gibraltar Standard II-7 is the 7-string guitar version.
  • The Gibraltar Standard II-8 is the 8-string guitar version.
  • The Gibraltar Standard II-9 is the 9-string guitar version.
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