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The Gibraltar Standard on an RGA42 Enlarge sprite.png

The Gibraltar Standard is a hard-tail bridge used on Ibanez guitar models. It is a simplified version of the smoother Gibraltar Plus bridge, but unlike that bridge the Gibraltar Standard is a string-through-body bridge meaning that strings are fed through the guitar's body to be attached at the bridge side.

It was introduced for the new non-Japanese made RGA models in 2009; previously only Japanese made RGAs were available with the Gibraltar Plus bridge. It is also used on the RGA-based MBM2 Matt Bachand signature model.

For 2010 use of the Gibraltar Standard bridge has been expanded to other non-Prestige RG models, including the RG321MH, RGR321EX and RGT6EXFX.

The Gibraltar Standard was phased out in 2013, in favor for the upgraded Gibraltar Standard II.

The seven string version is also known as the Gibraltar Standard 7 and an eight-string version is the Gibraltar Standard 8.

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