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The Gibraltar Performer is a fixed guitar bridge used on various Ibanez models. It was designed by and produced exclusively for Ibanez. It was introduced in 2020, largely replacing the ART-1.

The Gibraltar Performer is a Tune-O-Matic style bridge. It does not anchor the strings to the body itself and therefore must be combined with a separate tailpiece or used in a string-through-body setup. It is often paired with a Quik Change III tailpiece.


Versions of the Gibraltar Performer are produced for full-hollow and semi-hollow or solid body guitars. In the full-hollow configuration the mounting posts are attached to a wooden bridge which rests on the top. In the semi-hollow and solid body configurations threaded posts are mounted in a sleeve or insert which is glued into the center block or body of the guitar.

Thumbscrews that sits below the bridge on either side allow the overall height of the bridge to be adjusted for proper string break angle and action. Intonation of each string can be adjusted with a bolt running through each saddle. String spacing is 10.5mm.


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