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The Ghostrider (GR) series is a line of solid body electric guitar models produced and sold under the Ibanez brand. The series debuted in 1994. It was based on various 'prototype' models made in the Ibanez Los Angeles Custom Shop and played by professionals like Shawn Lane, Alex Skolnick and Paul Gilbert.

The Ghostrider design is somewhat inspired by the classic Artist model, but has a more contoured body and an alder body instead of mahogany. It has a bit flatter set-in mahogany neck with a 24.75 inch scale length. The GR220 and GR520 featured had a maple top and a Full Tune bridge and tailpiece. The GR320 has a flat top and a flat mount Telecaster-like bridge.

All models in the series were produced in Korea by Samick in 1994 and 1995. For the series' final year in 1996, the Ghostrider models were produced by Cort in Korea. The series was discontinued after 1996.

The GR520 was the only GR model produced all three years. The GR320 was only made for a short while in 1994, while the GR220 was offered in 1995 and 1996.

The SZR series is a later series (2008–2010) which bears some resemblance to the Ghostrider line.