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For the earlier model with the same name, see GSR200 (1999–2003).
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The GSR200 is a Soundgear series solid body electric bass model introduced by Ibanez for 2004. It has been made in both Indonesia and China as part of the entry level GIO line; minor differences between the two versions are noted in the specifications below. It replaced an earlier model with the same name.

The GSR200 features a double-cutaway agathis body bolted to a maple neck with a 24-fret rosewood fingerboard with white dot position markers. Components include a pair of Ibanez Powersound passive pickups with a Jazz pickup at the bridge and a Precision pickup at the neck, a B10 bridge with 19mm string spacing, a plastic nut and Ibanez tuning machines.

For 2014 the body material was changed to poplar. For 2015 the Powersound pickups were replaced with Dynamix pickups. For 2018 the rosewood fingerboard was replaced with treated New Zealand pine (for the version made in China and sold in Asia, Africa, China, North & South America and Oceania) or jatoba (for the version made in Indonesia and sold in Europe and USA). For 2020 the fretboard material for the Chinese-made version was changed to purpleheart. For 2022 the body material on the Chinese-made version was changed to okoume.

The GSR205 and GSR206 are similar five and six string models. The GSR200L is a left-handed version. The GSR200B is a similar model with black hardware. The GSR200EX is a similar model with a different body material and pickups. The GSR200M is a similar model with a maple fretboard. The GSR200FM and GSR200QM are similar models with, respectively, flamed maple and quilted maple tops.


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Specifications for GSR200
Model name: GSR200
Year(s) offered: 2004–2022
Sold in: Asia & Africa MIC / China MIC / Europe MII / North & South America and Oceania MIC / USA MII
Made in: Indonesia/ China
Finish(es): Black Night (BKN) 2012–2015 / Black (BK) / Brown Sunburst (BS) 2011–2019 / Butterscotch (BT) 2004 / Champagne Gold 2017–2018 / (DB) 2004–2009 / Jewel Blue (JB) / Metallic Gray (MG) 2013, 2015 / Navy Metallic (NM) 2005–2008 / Pearl White (PW) 2006–2022 / Roadster Orange Metallic (ROM) 2006–2007, 2010–2013 / Red Rock (RR) 2011 / Sunburst (SB) 2004–2009 / Soda Blue (SDL) 2016–2022 / Tri Fade Burst (TFB) 2015–2022 / Transparent Red (TR)
Body type:
Solid body
Body material:
2004–2013: Agathis or basswood (TR finish)
2014–2021: Poplar
2022: Okoume MIC or poplar MII
Neck joint:
B10 (19mm string spacing)
Knob style:
Knurled metal dome
Hardware color:
Neck type:
Neck material:
1-piece maple
Scale length:
864mm / 34"
Fingerboard material:
2004–2017: Rosewood
2018–2019: Jatoba MII or treated New Zealand pine MIC
2020–2022: Jatoba MII or purpleheart MIC
Fingerboard inlays:
White dot
24 / medium
Plastic (41mm)
Machine heads:
Ibanez die-cast
Electronics/ Strings
Pickup configuration:
Bridge pickup:
2004–2014: Ibanez Powersound J bridge (J) passive
2015–2022: Ibanez Dynamix J bridge (J) passive
Neck pickup:
2004–2014: Ibanez Powersound P neck (P) passive
2015–2022: Ibanez Dynamix P neck (P) passive
Ibanez Phat II EQ
Two volume / tone / EQ knob
Output jack:
¼" stereo barrel (side mounted)
String gauge (factory):
Factory tuning:
1G,2D,3A,4E (E standard)


Additional finishes/ details
2015 GSR200 BKN 3R 05.jpg
Black Night
2019 GSR200 BK 1P 10.png
2019 GSR200 BS 1P 10.jpg
Brown Sunburst
2004 GSR200 BT 1P 03.jpg
Champagne Gold
2009 GSR200 DB 2B 03.jpg
2013 GSR200 MG 1P 08.jpg
Metallic Gray
2008 GSR200 NM 1P 03.jpg
Navy Metallic
2019 GSR200 PW 1P 10.png
Pearl White
2007 GSR200 ROM 1P 03.jpg
Roadster Orange Metallic
2011 GSR200 RR 3R 05.jpg
Red Rock
2009 GSR200 SB 2B 03.jpg
2019 GSR200 SDL 1P 10.png
Soda Blue
2019 GSR200 TFB 4H 05.jpg
Tri Fade Burst
2019 GSR200 TR 1P 10.png
Transparent Red
Controls GSR.jpg
Controls layout
EQ Phat-II.jpg
EQ frequency response
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