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The GRG7221 is a seven string RG series solid body electric guitar model introduced by Ibanez in 2013. It is part of the entry-level GIO line. It is the most affordable seven string model Ibanez offers.

The GRG7221 features a poplar body bolted to a maple neck with a 24-fret rosewood fingerboard with white dot position markers. Components include dual Ibanez humbucking pickups and a fixed bridge.

In mid-2017 a new fretboard material, treated New Zealand pine, replaced rosewood.[1] For 2018 the bridge was changed to the F017 in the US, European and Asia; the "fixed bridge" was retained in other markets. For 2019 the F107 bridge was available across all markets. Also in 2019 the 3-way pickup selector was replaced with a 5-way. For 2020 the fretboard was changed to purpleheart.

The GRG7221QA (2014–2015)/ GRG7221QA is a similar model with a quilted art grain top. The GRG7221M is a similar model with a maple fretboard.


Specifications for GRG7221
Year(s) produced: 2013–2020
Sold in: Worldwide
Made in: China
Finish(es): Black Flat (BKF) 2014–2016 / Black Night (BKN) 2013–2018 / Gray Pewter (GP) 2014–2015 / Metallic Silver Sunburst (MSS) 2014–2015 / White (WH) 2014–2020 / Walnut Sunburst (WNS) 2015–2017
Body type:
Solid body
Body material:
Neck joint:
2013–2017: Fixed bridge
2018 (N. & S. America and Oceania): Fixed bridge
2018 (other markets): F107 fixed
2019–2020: F107 fixed
Knob style:
Plastic dome
Hardware color:
Neck type:
Neck material:
1-piece maple
Scale length:
648mm/ 25½"
Fingerboard material:
2013–2017: Rosewood
2017–2019: Treated New Zealand pine
2020: Purpleheart
Fingerboard inlays:
White dot
24 / jumbo
Machine heads:
Ibanez die-cast
Electronics/ Strings
Pickup configuration:
Bridge pickup:
2013–2014: Ibanez PSND2 (H)
2015–2020: Ibanez Infinity R (H) passive/ ceramic
Neck pickup:
2013–2014: Ibanez PSND1 (H)
2015–2020: Ibanez Infinity R (H) passive/ ceramic
2013–2018: Master volume / master tone / 3-way lever pickup selector
2019–2020: Master volume / master tone / 5-way lever pickup selector
Output jack:
¼" mono
String gauge (factory):
Factory tuning:


Additional finishes/ details
GRG7221 BKF.png
Black Flat
Gray Pewter
2015 GRG7221 MSS 2Y 01.jpg
Metallic Silver Sunburst
GRG7221 WH.jpg
GRG7221 WNS.jpg
Walnut Sunburst
HH 3-way toggle.png
Pickup switching (2013–2018)
Controls VT3L.png
Control layout (2013–2018)
HH 5-way single-split.png
Pickup switching (2019–2020)
Controls VT5.png
Control layout (2019–2020)
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