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The GA3 is a GA series classical acoustic guitar model introduced by Ibanez for 2001. It is made in China. It has also been sold as the GA3V or GA3Z. It has also been offered as part of a "Jam Pack" kit including a gig bag, strap, tuner, etc. as the GA3JP or GA3NJP.

The GA3 features a classical body shape with a laminated spruce top on agathis back and sides with a gloss finish. The soundhole is round with a classical mosaic water slide decal. It has a mahogany neck with a 19-fret rosewood fingerboard. Components include an ivory plastic saddle in a rosewood bridge, a plastic nut, chrome classical tuning machines with pearl buttons and nylon strings.

The GA3 was not produced for 2004; when it returned for 2005 the plastic nut and saddle were replaced with Ivorex II. For 2009 the back and sides were changed to catalpa. For 2010 the rosewood fretboard was replaced with black hardwood and the rosewood bridge was replaced with black dyed maple. For 2013 the fretboard and bridge reverted to rosewood and the nut and saddle reverted to ivory plastic. For 2016 the back and sides were changed back to agathis in some markets; this change was standardized across all market for 2017. For 2018 the rosewood fretboard was changed to nandu wood or ormosia (depending on market) and the rosewood fretboard was replaced with maple. For 2019 the nandu wood fretboard was adopted in all markets. For 2020 the back and sides were changed to meranti, the fretboard was changed to nandu wood and the body width was decreased by an inch.

The GA2 and the GA1 are ¾-sized and half-sized versions, respectively. The GA3ECE is a similar acoustic/ electric model with a cutaway body.


Specifications for GA3
Name: GA3 / GA3V / GA3Z / GA3JP / GA3NJP
Years: 2001–2003, 2005–2021
Sold in: Europe / North & South America and Oceania / USA
Made in: China
Finishes: Amber High Gloss (AM) 2007–2021 / Natural High Gloss (NT) 2001–2006
Body type:
Body shape:
    2001–2012: 483mm/ 19"
    2013–2015: 489mm/ 19¼"
    2016–2021: 486mm/ 19⅛"
    2001–2012: 375mm/ 14¾"
    2013–2015: 368mm/ 14½"
    2016–2019: 375mm/ 14¾"
    2020–2021: 349mm/ 13¾"
  Depth: 102mm/ 4"

  Material: Spruce (laminated)
  Bracing: Fan
  Finish: Gloss
  Binding: Black ABS


  Material: 2001–2008: Agathis
                2009–2015: Catalpa
                2016: Catalpa or agathis
                2017–2019: Agathis
                2021: Meranti
  Finish: Gloss

Soundhole shape:
Soundhole rosette:
Classical mosiac design (water decal)
Neck profile:
Neck material:
2001–2018: 1-piece mahogany
2019–2021: 1-piece nyatoh
Scale length:
650mm/ 25.6"
2001–2009: Rosewood
2010–2012: Black hardwood
2013–2017: Rosewood
2018: Nandu wood or ormosia
2019: Purpleheart
2020–2021: Nandu wood
2001–2003: Ivory plastic (52mm)
2005–2012: Ivorex II (52mm)
2013–2021: Ivory plastic (52mm)
Machine heads:
Ibanez classical w/ pearl buttons
2001–2009: Rosewood
2010–2012: Black dyed maple
2013–2017: Rosewood
2018–2021: Maple (11.6mm string spacing)
2001–2003: Ivory plastic
2005–2012: Ivorex II
2013–2021: Ivory plastic (80.72mm)
Hardware color:
Strings (factory):
.0285/.033/.041/.030/.036/.044 (nylon)
Factory tuning:
1E,2B,3G,4D,5A,6E (E Std.)
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Additional finishes
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