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The Frank Gambale series (also known as the FGM series) is a line of solid body electric guitars manufactured by Hoshino Gakki and sold under the Ibanez brand. It was introduced in 1991 as the signature series of Australian jazz fusion guitarist Frank Gambale. The body shape is based on the Ibanez S model.


The first guitar model associated with Frank Gambale is the 540S-LPF introduced in 1990. Although not bearing his name, it already has some of the key features of the FGM series, namely the flush set pickups and deep set neck and tremolo which allow for an extra low string set-up.

The first actual Frank Gambale model, the FGM100, is based on the 540S-LPF, but featured some additional modifications to meet Gambale's requirements. Throughout the 1990s three other tremolo equipped models (the FGM300, FGM400 and FGM400QM) and a hard-tail model (the FGM200) were released.

After the FGM models disappeared from the Ibanez lineup in 1999, Frank Gambale signed with Yamaha, who produced a new signature model for Gambale in 2001, the AEG-FG. In 2010 Gambale left Yamaha for Carvin.