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For the general article concerning non-tremolo bridges, see Hard-tail.
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The Fixed bridge is an Ibanez branded hard-tail type guitar bridge. It is available in six, seven and eight string versions.

The fixed bridge consists of a steel plate which is bent upwards at the rear which is attached to the guitar top with five screws. Each string is routed through the guitar body and guided by an individual steel saddle. Each saddle can be adjusted back and forth to achieve proper intonation using a screw and spring running through the back of the bridge plate. The height of each saddle is adjustable with a pair of screws at the saddle's leading edge.

The fixed bridge is generally used on less expensive guitars (particularly the entry level GIO line), but it has also appeared on at least one Prestige guitar, the RG15271.

The Gotoh GTC101 is a very similar design.

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