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Fast access neck joint on a TM1803M Red copyright sprite.png

The Fast Access neck joint is a bolt-on neck mounting construction used on some Ibanez guitars.

The neck joint is the point at which the neck attaches to the body of the guitar. When joining a guitar neck to its body using screws, a substantial piece of wood on the body side is needed to house the screws and keep the construction sturdy. This neck heel can be a real obstruction when trying to reach the upper frets. The rounded heel of the fast access neck joint fits naturally in the palm of the hand, allowing easier upper fret access.

The Fast Access neck joint is a sort of evolution of the tilt joint used on the original RG series guitars introduced in the late 1980s. The main difference is that the metal plate of the Fast Access joint has had the lower corner on the neck side rounded off to further improve access to the upper frets.

The first Ibanez guitars to feature the Fast Access neck joint are the reissue of Talman series in mid 2015. The Prestige series Talman guitars feature a stainless steel neck plate engraved with a "Prestige" mark.