FAT-6 tremolo 2FA1S6C 2B 01
Ibanez FAT-6 tremolo bridge Red copyright sprite

The FAT-6 is a type of tremolo bridge equipped on some Ibanez models. It is produced exclusively for Ibanez.

The FAT-6 is a Fender-style synchronized tremolo. It mounts to the body with a set of six screws along the leading edge of the tremolo, rather than with a knife-edge system used on many other floating tremolos. It has six independent saddles which can be adjusted forward and backward with screws through the back of the tremolo plate to achieve correct intonation. Additionally, each saddle has a pair of small hex screws at its leading edge which allow the height of the individual strings to be adjusted.

The FAT-6 slots below the FAT-10 and FAT-20 among Ibanez synchronized tremolos. It is used on several budget-friendly GIO models in the RX and SA series. It's available in a chrome finish for right-handed or left-handed guitars. Part numbers are 2FA1S6C and 2FA1S6LC, respectively.


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