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Ibanez FAT-10 tremolo bridge Red copyright sprite.png

The FAT-10 is a type of tremolo bridge equipped on some Ibanez models. It is produced exclusively for Ibanez and was introduced in 2002.

The FAT-10 is a Fender-style synchronized tremolo which pivots via a pair of knife edges resting against posts. It has six individual saddles which can be manipulated via a screw through the back of the tremolo plate to adjust intonation. The saddles do not have any mechanism to individually adjust their height. The entire unit can be adjusted up or down by manipulating the height of the two posts.

The FAT-10 slots between the FAT-6 and FAT-20 among Ibanez synchronized tremolo units and is used on several budget-friendly GIO models in the RX, RG and S series. It's available in chrome (part number 2FA1C10C) or black (2FA1C10B) finishes for right-handed guitars and in chrome only (2FA1C10LC) for lefty guitars.