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The Edge II is a single-locking tremolo system developed and produced for Ibanez which was introduced in 1988. The Edge II follows its predecessor the original Edge and was produced in Japan by Gotoh.

The Edge II differs from the Edge in that it is not a double locking system wherein the strings are locked at both the nut and the bridge. Since there is no locking nut, the Edge II lacks the fine tuners found on the Edge, but otherwise it has a similar design. Without the locking nut, guitars using the Edge II generally employ locking tuners to help maintain tuning stability.

1988 EdgeII

The Edge II has two knife edge pivots which rest against posts mounted to the guitar's body. The strings lock into the saddles, which can be adjusted for intonation as well as height. The tension of the strings is counter-balanced by a set of springs in the rear cavity which attach to an adjustable claw. Using this design, the bridge itself floats. Since the bridge is mounted in a cavity which is routed out of the top of the guitar, the design allows the player to pull up or push down on the vibrato bar to adjust the pitch up or down — with a non-floating design the bar (and pitch) can only be pushed down.

The Edge II was used in only a couple of models including the Vinnie Moore signature VM1 and the EX240. The VM1 was discontinued after 1989 and the Edge II has not been installed in any known guitars since.

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