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For a list of Destroyer models, see Portal:Destroyer series.

The Destroyer series is a line of solid body electric guitars manufactured for Hoshino Gakki and sold under the Ibanez brand. The Destroyer style debuted in 1975 with the model 2459, which was a copy of the Gibson Explorer.

Ibanez called it's copy the "Destroyer" and used provocative taglines like "Explore the Destroyer" to evoke it's Gibson inspiration. The initial copies were discontinued in early 1978 when Gibson sued over trademark infringement, a lawsuit that was eventually settled.

The series was revived as the Destroyer II series which was introduced for 1981. The shape of these models were altered slightly to keep the lawyers at bay.

The Destroyer models are also considered to be part of the Ibanez X series. Ibanez introduced the X series as a collection of 'extreme' shaped guitars in 1983.