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Cutaway Heel on a JEM77 FP Enlarge sprite.png

The Cutaway Heel is a slimmed down neck joint on Ibanez guitars with bolt-on neck mounting constructions. The neck joint is the point at which the neck attached to the body of the guitar. A screw plate is used to secure the joint but unlike classic bolt-on models such as the Fender Stratocaster the actual heel is slimmed down to increase the upper fret access. It is somewhat similar to the Tilt Joint.

The Cutaway Heel was used on all JEM guitars introduced before 1993 and all Universe guitars introduced before 1998 when it was replaced by the even thinner All Access Neck Joint. The 540PⅡ-HH and 540PⅡ-SH also feature the Cutaway Heel. The last guitar model with a Cutaway Heel was the JEM77 FP ultimately discontinued in 2004, but it made a return in 2010 on the JEM77 FP2. New for 2014, the Apex200 features the Cutaway Heel, though Ibanez marketing literature refers to it as the Tilt Joint.

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