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The Artfield series (or AFD series) is a line of solid body electric guitars produced by Iida Gakki and sold under the Ibanez brand. The Artfield models were introduced in 1988 and a total of ten models were produced before the series was sunset after 1989. They were offered for sale only in Europe.

Unlike most other series offered by Ibanez, the Artfield models do not share a single body style. Instead they're unified by a design aesthetic, choice woods and common components such as Ultrasonic or IBZ/USA pickups, the HQ tremolo bridge and locking Gotoh tuning machines. One of the catalogs states: "the concept was to incorporate the finest hand-picked woods — bubinga, wenge, maple and mahogany — and design a series of guitars that would use these fine materials to their best advantage. We didn't stop there. Combining the most advanced technology in the guitar industry with meticulous craftsmanship, the ARTFIELD line offers the player an unusually fine series of instruments to satisfy the most discriminating guitarist."[1]

Artfield designs

There are three basic body shapes in the Artfield series, the AFD25 and AFD40/45 were introduced in 1988 and the AFD5 (with a couple of variants) followed in 1989. The AFD25 and AFD5 (along with it's variants) feature thick, exotic wood tops on mahogany backs bolted to 24-fret necks, while the AFD40/45 have a solid bubinga body and a 30-fret neck. All of them share the same 25" (635mm) scale length and the same HQ two-point synchronized tremolo bridge.

The AFD25 was designed by Hoshino's in-house design chief, Mr. Fritz Katoh. Its shape bears a resemblance to the guitars produced by Paul Reed Smith starting in the mid-1980s in a style that has since become known as the PRS Custom. It has an arched top and back with a somewhat bulbous rear bout and asymmetric horns, the lower of which is carved away to allow upper fret access. It has a 24-fret neck which is a bit thicker than the famous "Wizard" neck from the RG series, but is thinner than those of many other manufacturers. In terms of electronics, it has a pair of humbucking pickups along with a master volume and tone, a 3-way toggle pickup selector and a series/ parallel toggle for the bridge pickup.

The AFD40/45 was designed primarily by Iida Gakki's in-house designer, a Mr. Suzuki, in collaboration with Mr. Katoh. It is somewhat visually similar to the shape of the Soundgear series basses with a highly asymmetric sculpted body with a pronounced upper horn and a much smaller lower horn to allow access all the way up to the 30th fret.

The AFD40 has a humbucker at the bridge and a single-coil placed closer to the tradition middle pickup position due to the extended fingerboard and a simple control setup with a master volume and tone and a 3-way toggle pickup selector.

The AFD45 features a novel electronics setup with a pair of single-coil pickups mounted adjacent to each other in place of the standard bridge humbucker and a complex control layout including a 6-way rotary control for series and parallel pickup combinations and a mid-boost toggle.

The AFD5 shape appears to have taken inspiration from the Artist series with an arched top and a bulbous rear bout along with smaller, symmetrical horns which are carved to ease access to the upper frets. It has a similar electronics setup to the AFD25.

Variations on the AFD5 included the AFD5SP, with a top made of a strip of quilted maple between two strips of bubinga and the AFD5CT which has intricate vine fretboard inlays.

The Artfield series was discontinued in 1989 after two years in production. Total production numbers are unknown, but it's believed that no more than 400 units total between all of the various models were built.

Artfield registry

This list includes every Artfield guitar we have seen. John Muijen began compiling this list on his Artfield website[2], which is sadly defunct. Only first names are provided for those owners who weren't on John's initial list or whose identity I haven't received permission to share.

Some of these guitars have likely changed hands since this information was unearthed. If you have any corrections or additions to this page, please feel free to login and make the change, or reach out to me at IbanezWiki@gmail.com.

S/N Model Finish Pickups Owner Located Source Notes
none AFD5CT AM Ultrasonic Charlie Cash UK/ Greece [3][4] previously owned by John Shanley (USA) & "Robert" (Singapore)
none AFD5CT TB Ultrasonic Olaf Windgassen Germany [5] PRS pickups currently installed, but owner has original pickups (with metal covers)
none AFD5CT TB Ultrasonic Japan [6] Apparently sold in 2021
none AFD5SP-Z Natural IBZ/USA Oliver Pfänder Germany
I700083 AFD40/ AFD40-Z BG ??? Piotr
I800003 AFD25-Z TB IBZ/USA Sander Kvernevik Norway Grover tuners, replaced Evo frets, kill switch; sold by Morten Ottesen in 2018
I800004 AFD25 AM Ultrasonic Fred Dons Netherlands sold by John Muijen in June 2020
I800010 AFD25 Purple* Ultrasonic Patrick Sedoc France *Refinished, formerly TB; previously owned by John Muijen
I800013 AFD25 AM Ultrasonic Keith Harrison USA previously owned by Marcus Reichert
I800020 AFD25-Z AM IBZ/USA Jan Fredrik Norway [7]
I800037 AFD25-Z AM IBZ/USA Achtouk U.A.E. [8] for sale
I800058 AFD25-Z TB IBZ/USA France [9] sold by Thierry Huort in 2021
I800060 AFD25-Z TB IBZ/USA Korea [10] sold in 2022
I800088 AFD40/ AFD40-Z BG ?? Christiano Italy
I800090 AFD40-Z BG IBZ/USA Bob Rosenbloom USA [11]
I800103 AFD40-Z BG IBZ/USA RedMusik Igualada (store) Spain [12] currently for sale
I800111 AFD40 BG Ultrasonic Denny Haggren Sweden [4]
I800116 AFD40-Z BG IBZ/USA Germany previously owned by Marcus Reichert
I800117 AFD40/ AFD40-Z BG ?? Switzerland seen on eBay in March 2012
I800129 AFD40-Z BG IBZ/USA Australia Previously owned by Brian Aret
I800133 AFD40-Z BG IBZ/USA Sweden [13] Sold Henrik Ryegard in 2020
I800137 AFD40/ AFD40-Z BG IBZ/USA Gert Germany or Italy
I800143 AFD40/ AFD40-Z BG ?? Carlo Italy
I800156 AFD45 BG Ultrasonic Morten Ottesen Norway
I800161 AFD45 BG Ultrasonic John Klein Gebbinck Netherlands
I800166 AFD45 BG Ultrasonic signed by Tony Iommi; sold by eBay user blackthetrio26
I800169 AFD25/ AFD25-Z AM ?? Tom Frankson France
I800179 AFD25/ AFD25-Z AM ?? Bob Rosenbloom USA [11] Non-stock pickups (?)
I800201 AFD25/ AFD25-Z TB ?? Fredi Germany featured in Gitarre & Bass Magazine 2003 under "Reader's Questions"
I800208 AFD25-Z TB IBZ/USA Paulo Vinagre Portugal original owner; pickups replaced, owner has originals
I800214 AFD25/ AFD25-Z ?? ?? Franz Austria featured in Gitarre & Bass Magazine 2003 under "Reader's Questions"
I800218 AFD45 BG Ultrasonic Ron Vader Canada
I800224 AFD45 BG Ultrasonic bassNguitar (store) France [14]
I800233 AFD45 BG Ultrasonic ?? Italy (?) sold on eBay Italy in 2004 by Bob Cillo for a friend; later seen on eBay in 2014
I800235 AFD45 BG Ultrasonic Guillaume Netherlands
I800236 AFD45 BG Ultrasonic Marco France sold in 2021
I800237 AFD45 BG Ultrasonic Pasquale Italy sold in 2021
I800238 AFD45 BG Ultrasonic Henri Martin France original owner
I800241 AFD40 BG Ultrasonic Chris Delwel Netherlands [15][16]
I800243 AFD40 BG Ultrasonic Giada/ Gianguido Italy [17] for sale in Italy
I800269 AFD45 BG Ultrasonic Rudolf Germany
I800274 AFD45 BG Ultrasonic anonymous Netherlands
I800275 AFD45 BG Ultrasonic seen on eBay July 2007 user "friwiki"
I800278 AFD45 BG Ultrasonic Dave Norway [18]
I800285 AFD45 BG Ultrasonic Nigel Canada
I900003 AFD5SP-Z ?? IBZ/USA Patrick Sedoc France
I900014 AFD5 AM Ultrasonic Paul USA
I900016 AFD5/ AFD5-Z AM ?? previously owned by John Muijen
I900019 AFD5/ AFD5-Z AM ?? Benjamin Brueck Germany
I900037 AFD5CT AM Ultrasonic Morten Ottesen Norway
I900038 AFD5CT-Z AM ?? Jeapson France [19] Pickups replaced & wiring changed?; current owner??; previously owned by Patrick Sedoc
I900041 AFD5]/ AFD5-Z] AM ?? Patrick Sedoc France
I900045 AFD5-Z (?) TB IBZ/USA (?) Patrick Sedoc France modified with a Strat-style three single coil arrangement
I900046 AFD5CT AM Ultrasonic Olaf Windgassen Germany Pickups replaced
I900051 AFD5CT AM Ultrasonic J-P van Haestregt Netherlands [20] Bridge pickup replaced
I900055 AFD5CT/ AFD5CT-Z AM ?? Patrick Sedoc France
I900056 AFD5CT-Z TB IBZ/USA seen by Morten Ottesen
I900063 AFD25-Z AM IBZ/USA Mariano Spain [21] Neck pickup replaced; sold in 2020
I900073 AFD25-Z TB IBZ/USA anonymous Netherlands
I900076 AFD25-Z TB IBZ/USA Denny Haggren Sweden [4]
I900083 AFD25-Z TB IBZ/USA Hugh UK [22]
I900087 AFD25/ AFD25-Z TB IBZ/USA Poland (?) sold on eBay in August 2004
I900097 AFD40-Z BG IBZ/USA Denny Haggren Sweden [4]
I900106 AFD45 BG IBZ/USA Michael USA
I900112 AFD25 AM Ultrasonic dustfall ( ICW username) Sweden (?) [23]
I900115 AFD25-Z AM IBZ/USA Denny Haggren Sweden [4]
I900122 AFD25-Z TB IBZ/USA Denny Haggren Sweden [4] Bridge pickup replaced by a Tom Anderson
I900139 AFD45 BG Ultrasonic France [24]
I900140 AFD40-Z BG IBZ/USA Lanzelot Sweden [25] Potentially since sold
I900141 AFD40/ AFD40-Z BG ?? Marcus Reichert
I900147 AFD40 BG Ultrasonic Laurent Potentially since sold
I900163 AFD45 BG Ultrasonic previously owned by John Muijen
I900164 AFD40/ AFD40-Z BG ?? Stephane France
I900174 AFD45 BG Ultrasonic Oliver Pfänder Germany
I900179 AFD45 BG Ultrasonic Olivier France
P900982 AFD25/ AFD25-Z AM ?? Vittorio Melon Italy
P900984 AFD25-Z AM IBZ/USA ?? U.K. [26] info is from a listing on eBay UK


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