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The All Access Neck Joint (AANJ) is a slimmed down neck joint on Ibanez guitars with bolt-on neck mounting constructions. The neck joint is the point at which the neck attached to the body of the guitar. When joining a guitar neck to its body using screws, a substantial piece of wood on the body side is needed to house the screws and keeping the construction 'sturdy'. This neck 'heel' can be a real obstruction when trying to reach the upper frets. As opposed to the more square "traditional" bolt-on neck heels, the AANJ is slimmed down and rounded off for easier upper fret access.

The first Ibanez guitar to feature the AANJ was the 1987 MX2 Maxxas guitar model.

RG8570Z neck joint
Slimmer J Custom neck joint Enlarge sprite

Certain J Custom models including the RG8570Z feature an AANJ which is slimmer to improve access to the upper frets.

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