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For the more recent model of the same name, see AS200 (2014–2020).
AS200 AV (1980)
AS200 Antique Violin (1980) (more images) Red copyright sprite

The AS200 is a hollow body electric guitar model introduced by Ibanez for 1979. It was made in Japan. Initial production starting in 1979 was by FujiGen. Starting sometime in mid-1986 production moved to Terada which continued to produce the AS200 through 1991. Production returned to FujiGen for 1992 and remained there until the end of the run.

The AS200 replaced the similar 2630, which has more rounded horns. It was originally part of the Artist series, but was added to the newly designated Artstar series in 1987.

The AS200 features a semi-hollow, double cutaway body design with a flamed maple (alternately described as curly maple or tiger maple) top with ƒ holes and ivory multi-binding on flamed maple back and sides with a hard rock maple center block mated to a set-in mahogany neck with a 22-fret ebony fingerboard with ivory binding and pearl and abalone split block position markers. Components include a pair of Ibanez Super 58 humbucking pickups with gold covers and individual volume and tone controls and a Tri-sound switch for the neck, ivory pickup rings, a Tune-o-matic style ST bridge, a Quik Change tailpiece, a bone & brass nut, a tortoise shell pickguard, Sure Grip knobs, and VelveTune tuning machines with ivory buttons.

Prior to 1981 the pickups were Super 70s. In 1982 the Sure Grip knobs were replaced with the new Sure Grip II and the half & half nut was replaced with a full bone nut. For 1983 the ST bridge was replaced with the new Gibraltar II, the Quik Change tailpiece gave way to the new Quik Change II and the new VelveTune II tuners replaced the VelveTune. For 1985 the VelveTune IIs were replaced by the new Smooth Tuner. For 1988 the single-piece mahogany neck was replaced with a 3-piece mahogany and maple construction and the tuners were replaced by Gotoh SG38s (which at some point in the 1990s were renamed SG381).

The AS200L is a left-handed version. The AS100 and AS180 are related models with a maple body, rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, and chrome hardware. The AS400 is a similar model with neck through body construction.

The JSM100 is a signature model for John Scofield which was based on Scofield's AS200. The AM200 is a related model with a slightly smaller body. The AF200 is a related full-hollow body, single cutaway model.

This version of the AS200 was discontinued after 2004, but the model was revived for 2014.


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Specifications for AS200 (1979–2004)
Model name: AS200 (1979–2004)
Year(s) offered: 1979–2004
Sold in: Americas & Oceania / Asia & Africa / China / Europe / Japan / USA
Made in: Japan
Finish(es): Amber (AM) 2000–2004; Japan only / Antique Violin (AV) / Cherry (CH) 1980(?) / Natural (NT) 1988–1994 / White (WH) 1988–1990
Body type:
Hollow body
  Length: 480mm / 16½"[1]
  Width: 406mm / 13⅞"[1]
  Depth: 44mm / 1¾"
  Material: Flamed maple (a.k.a. curly maple or tiger maple)
  Binding: Ivory multi-ply
  Material: Flamed maple
Neck joint:
1979–1982: ST
1983–2004: Gibraltar II
1979–1982: Quik Change
1983–2004: Quik Change II
Tortoise shell
Knob style:
1979–1982: Sure Grip (gold)
1982–2004: Sure Grip II (gold)
Hardware color:
Neck type:
1979–1986: AS
1987–2004: Artstar AS
Neck material:
1979–1987: 1-piece mahogany
1988–2004: 3-piece mahogany/ maple
Scale length:
628mm/ 24¾"
Fingerboard material:
Ebony w/ ivory binding
Fingerboard inlays:
Pearl/ abalone split block
22 / medium (SBB213-175) nickel silver (Prestige edge treatment)
1979–1981: Half bone/ half brass
1982–2004: Bone (43mm)
Machine heads:
1979–1982: VelveTune
1983–1984: VelveTune II
1985–1987: Smooth Tuner
1988–2004: Gotoh SG38/SG381 w/ pearloid buttons
Electronics/ Strings
Pickup configuration:
Bridge pickup:
1979–1980: Ibanez Super 70
1981–2004: Ibanez Super 58 (H) passive/alnico
Neck pickup:
1979–1980: Ibanez Super 70
1981–2004: Ibanez Super 58 (H) passive/alnico
Two volumes / two tones / 3-way toggle pickup selector / Tri-sound switch for neck pickup
Output jack:
¼" stereo box (face mounted)
String gauge (factory):
Factory tuning:
1E,2B,3G,4D,5A,6E (E Std.)


Additional finishes/ details
2000 AS200 AM
1988 AS200 Natural
1988 AS200 WH
AS200 end-view
End view
1982 AS-series cutaway
Cutaway view showing maple center block
AS200-AM200 AF200 size-comparison
Size comparison of AS200 (top), AM200 (middle) and AF200 (bottom)
HH-3-way single-tri-sound
Pickup switching
Controls JSM10
Controls layout
Wiring-diagram 1994 AF200
Wiring diagram 1994–1996[2]
1994 AS200 parts list
Parts list[3]

Headstock shape/inlay changes[]

Evolution of the headstock through the years
1979 AS200 headstock
example from '79
1987 AS200 headstock
1986–1987 (new truss rod cover; Terada production)
1988 AS200 headstock
1988 (new shape, inlay and truss rod cover)
1990 AS200 headstock
1989–1998 (new truss rod cover)
example from '90
2001 AS200 headstock
1999–2004 (new shape, inlay and truss rod cover)
example from '01