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The AR30 is an Artist series solid body electric guitar model introduced by Ibanez in late 1982. It was manufactured in Japan by FujiGen Gakki with production occurring between late September 1982 and August of 1983.[2]

The AR30 was a spot model which does not appear in the Ibanez catalogs. AR30s were produced with two finish options: Black or Brown Sunburst. It is believed that fewer than a thousand examples were produced in each finish over the model's production run.[3]

The AR30 has a double cutaway Japanese ash (a.k.a. sen) body mated to a set-in maple neck with a 22-fret rosewood fingerboard with dot position markers. Components include a fixed bridge with a Quik Change tail piece, dual Ibanez Super 70 humbucking pickups, Sure Grip knobs and Smooth Tuner II tuning machines.

Controls consist of independent volume controls, a master tone control, a coil split mini-toggle switch and a phase mini-toggle switch which control both pickups. This configuration allows the AR30 to offer more tonal versatility than the AR50 which it essentially replaced.[3]

The early AR30s (produced starting in late 1982) had a simple ST bridge with studs mounted straight into the guitar; starting around May 1983 a change was made to the use the Gibraltar bridge which is bolted to anchors recessed into the body. The early examples also had original Sure Grip knobs which were swapped for Sure Grip II knobs in the middle of the production cycle.[3]

The AR30's body is slimmer than its contemporary Artist siblings and thus weighs a bit less. Its body consists of a laminated wood (plywood) center block and Japanese ash (sen) wings. One other way production costs were controlled for this model is that the position of pickup selector toggle has been relocated to allow all the controls to be wired from a single rear control cavity; on the higher-end models the pickup selector is placed on the upper horn and requires a separate cavity.

The AR30 was discontinued in 1983.


Specifications for AR30
Year(s) produced: 1982–1983
Sold in: Europe / USA
Made in: Japan
Finish(es): BK (Black) / BS (Brown Sunburst)
Body type:
Solid body
Body material:
Laminated wood center block w/ Japanese ash (a.k.a. sen) wings
Neck joint:
1982–early 1983: ST fixed
Mid–late 1983: Gibraltar fixed
Quik Change
Knob style:
Sure Grip II (gold)
Hardware color:
Neck type:
Neck material:
3-piece maple
Fingerboard material:
Fingerboard inlays:
Acrylic dot
22 / medium
Machine heads:
Ibanez Smooth Tuner II (1:18 ratio)
Electronics/ Strings
Pickup configuration:
Bridge pickup:
Ibanez Super 70 (H)
Neck pickup:
Ibanez Super 70 (H)
Two volumes / master tone / 3-way toggle pickup selector / 1 master phase switch / 1 master coil split switch
Factory tuning:
1E,2B,3G,4D,5A,6E (E Std.)
AR30 back.jpg
1983 Ibanez AR30 ( Rear of body ) Red copyright sprite.png
1983 Ibanez AR30 ( with Humbuckers P-90 ) Red copyright sprite.png


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