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The AG75 is an Artcore series hollow body electric guitar model introduced by Ibanez in 2002. It was originally produced in China, but since 2016 production has moved to Indonesia.

The AG75 features a mid-sized, full-hollow body design with an arched laminated maple top with ƒ holes and ivory multi-binding on maple back and sides with a single Venetian cutaway mated to a set-in mahogany neck with a 22-fret rosewood fingerboard with ivory binding and pearl block position markers. Components include a pair of Ibanez Artcore humbucking pickups with chrome covers and individual volume and tone controls, a Tune-o-matic style bridge on a wooden base, a trapeze tailpiece, a plastic nut, a black pickguard, speed knobs, and Ibanez tuning machines.

Several changes have been made in the AG75's life cycle. For 2008 the VT50 tailpiece was replaced with the VT60. For 2010 the frets were changed from large to medium. For 2011 the speed knobs were replaced with Sure Grip III knobs. For 2015 the Artcore pickups were replaced with Classic Elite pickups and the pearl block inlays were switched to acrylic. For 2019 the maple body construction changed to linden, the mahogany neck was replaced with nyatoh, and the rosewood fretboard was replaced with laurel. For 2020 the fretboard was again changed, this time to walnut, and the bridge was replaced with the new Gibraltar Performer.

The AG75G is a similar model with gold hardware. The AF75 is a related model with a slightly larger body.


Specifications for AG75
Model name: AG75
Year(s) produced: 2002–2021
Sold in: Asia & Africa / Europe / North & South America and Oceania / USA
Made in: China (2002–2016) / Indonesia (2016–2021)
Finish(es): Black (BK) 2002 / Brown Sunburst (BS) / Transparent Blue Sunburst (TBS) 2002–2005 / Transparent Brown (TBR) 2011
Body type:
Hollow body
  Length: 479mm / 18⅞"
  Width: 368mm / 14½"
  Depth: 92mm / 3⅝" (70mm / 2¾" at tail)

  Material: 2002–2018: Maple (laminated)
                2019–2021: Linden (laminated)
  Binding: Ivory multi-ply


  Material: 2002–2018: Maple (laminated)
                2019–2021: Linden (laminated)

Neck joint:
2002–2016: ART-1 on a wooden base
2017–2019: ART-1 on a blackwood base
2020–2021: Gibraltar Performer on wooden base
2002–2007: VT50
2008–2021: VT60
3-ply: black/ white/ black
Knob style:
2002–2010: Speed (black)
2011–2021: Sure Grip III (black)
Hardware color:
Neck type:
AG Artcore
Neck material:
2002–2018: 1-piece mahogany
2019–2021: 1-piece nyatoh
Scale length:
628mm/ 24¾"
Fingerboard material:
2002–2018: Rosewood w/ ivory binding
2019: Laurel w/ ivory binding
2020–2021: Walnut w/ ivory binding
Fingerboard inlays:
2002–2014: Pearl block
2015–2021: Acrylic block
2002–2009: 22 / large
2010–2021: 22 / medium
Ivory plastic (43mm)
Machine heads:
Ibanez die-cast w/ half-moon buttons
Electronics/ Strings
Pickup configuration:
Bridge pickup:
2002–2014: Ibanez Artcore Humbucker 2 (H)
2015–2021: Ibanez Classic Elite bridge (H) passive/ ceramic
Neck pickup:
2002–2014: Ibanez Artcore Humbucker 1 (H)
2015–2021: Ibanez Classic Elite neck (H) passive/ ceramic
Two volumes / two tones / 3-way toggle pickup selector
Output jack:
Mono (side mounted)
String gauge (factory):
Factory tuning:
1E,2B,3G,4D,5A,6E (E Std.)


Additional finishes/ details
2002 AG75 BS 12 01.jpg
Brown Sunburst 2007
2003 AG75 TBS.jpg
Transparent Blue Sunburst 2003
2011 AG75 TBR.png
Transparent Brown 2011
HH 3-way toggle.png
Pickup switching
Controls 2V2T3.png
Controls layout
2021 AG75 BS 5B 04 front.jpg
Front of body (BS finish)
2021 AG75 BS 5B 04 back.jpg
Rear of body (BS finish)
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Steve Vai playing "Little Pretty" with the Ibanez AG75 Transparent Blue Sunburst