Solid body guitars

Iron Label line

RGA series

RGD series

RG series

RG series

Prestige line

Standard line

RGA series

S series

Prestige line

Standard line

Talman series

Prestige line

Standard line

Artist series

ARZ series

GIO series

  • GS221 listed as GS221BKF

Signature models

Paul Stanley
Jake Bowen
Paul Waggoner
Herman Li
Sam Totman
  • STM3 listed as STM3MGS
Kevin "Noodles" Wasserman
  • NDM4 listed as NDM4SB
Chris Miller
  • CMM2 listed as CMM2BKF

Hollow body guitars

Signature models

George Benson

Artstar Vintage

Artcore Expressionist

Artcore Vintage

Electric basses

SR series

   Ibanez Bass Workshop line

   Premium line

   Standard line

   GIO line

BTB series

   Premium line

Talman Bass series

   Prestige line

   Standard line

Signature models

   Adam Nitti

   Gary Willis

   Mike D'Antonio


Acoustic guitars

Artwood Vintage series

Artwood series

AEL series

AEG series

AEW series

Classical guitar


Piccolo guitar

Mini effect pedals

Full catalog

Note: Many model numbers listed in the "New for 2016" catalog included the finish codes. These are noted below. When naming wiki pages, the finish codes should not be included. Unless noted otherwise all models on this page are from this catalog.

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