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Solid body guitars

RG series

   Prestige line

   Standard line (tremolo)

   Standard line (fixed bridge)

   GIO line

RX series

   GIO line

RGA series

   Prestige line

S series

   Prestige line

   Standard line

SZ series

   Prestige line

   Standard line

   GIO line

X series

   Xiphos series / Standard line

   Arondite series / Standard line

SA series

   Prestige line

   Standard line

   GIO line

Artist series

   ARC series / Standard line

   ARX series / Standard line

   ART series / Standard line

   AR series / Standard line

   AX series / GIO line


   Iceman series / Standard line

   Jet King (JTK) series / Standard line

Jumpstart packages

   GIO line

Signature models

   Matt Bachand

   Joe Satriani

   Steve Vai

   Mick Thomson

   James "Munky" Shaffer

   Kevin "Noodles" Wasserman

   Mike Mushok

   Paul Gilbert

   Andy Timmons

Ibanez artists

Pages 46–47 and back cover


Pages 48–49

Specifications & components


Solid body electric guitar catalog

Hollow body guitars

Signature models

   George Benson

   Pat Metheny

   John Scofield

Artcore Custom series

Artcore series

   AF (full-acoustic)

   AFS (full-acoustic, thinner body than AF)

   AK (full-acoustic with spruce top & wood bridge)

   AG (full-acoustic with smaller body than AF)

   AGS (full-acoustic, thinner body than AG)

   AS (semi-acoustic)

   AM (semi-acoustic, smaller body than AS)

   AWD (semi-acoustic, modern body shape)

Hollow body bass guitars

Artcore series

Specifications and details

  • Finishes (page 23)
  • Neck dimensions
  • Pickup descriptions
  • Pickup switching diagram


Pages 10–11

Hollow body catalog

Electric basses

SR series

   Prestige line

  • SR1000EFM (page 4)
  • SR1000EWN
  • SR1005EFM
  • SR1005EWN (page 5)
  • SR1006EFM

   Standard line

  • SR900 (page 6)
  • SR905
  • SR500
  • SR505
  • SR506
  • SR400QM (page 7)
  • SR405QM
  • SR300FM (page 8)
  • SR305FM
  • SR300DX (page 9)
  • SR305DX
  • SR300DXF fretless

   GIO line

Signature models

   Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu

   Gary Willis

   Mike D'Antonio

   Paul Gray

SRX series

   Standard line

ATK series

   Standard line

Ergodyne Bass (EDB) series

   Standard line

  • EDB550 (page 24)
  • EDB700
  • EDB555
  • EDB405

BTB series

   Prestige line

   Standard line

  • BTB555MP
  • BTB556MP
  • BTB450QM (page 28)
  • BTB455QM
  • BTB456QM
  • BTB200 (page 29)
  • BTB205

Iceman Bass series

   Standard line

Roadgear Bass (RD) series

   Standard line

AX Bass series

   GIO line

Jumpstart kits

   GIO line

Specifications & details


Pages 38–39

Ibanez artists

Page 25 & back cover

Electric bass catalog


Acoustic guitars

Signature model

   Steve Vai

Artwood (AW) series

Daytripper series

Exotic Wood (EW) series

AEF series

AEL series

AEG series

AES series

Talman series

Performance (PF) series

Value (V) series

Sage Traditional (SGT) series

Acoustic basses

Exotic Wood Bass (EWB) series

  • EWB205WNE (page 18)
  • EWB20WNE
  • EWB10ASE

AE Bass (AEB) series

Classical guitars

GA series


Jam Pack kits

Amplifiers and accessories

Pages 40–41

Specifications and details

Ibanez artists

Page 43

Acoustics catalog

Note: pages 20–21 are missing


Electronics catalog


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