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USA electrics catalog

USA acoustics catalog

Catalog indices


Solid body guitars

Signature models

   Daron Malakian

   Mike Mushok

   Kevin "Noodles" Wasserman

   Steve Vai

   Joe Satriani

   Paul Gilbert

   Brian "Head" Welch & James "Munky" Shaffer [Korn]

   Andy Timmons

Destroyer series

   Standard line

Iceman series

   Standard line

Artist (AR) series

   Prestige line

SZ series

   Standard line

Jet King series

   Standard line

AX series

   Standard line

RG series

   Prestige line

SA series

   Standard line

S series

   Standard line

Jumpstart packages
  • IJS40 Jumpstart includes GRX guitar (page 38)
  • IJS50 Power Pack includes GAX guitar & distortion pedal

Hollow body guitars

Artcore series
Signature models

   George Benson

   John Scofield

   Pat Metheny

Electric basses

Artcore Bass series
Iceman Bass series
Roadgear Bass series
Soundgear (SR) series

   Proactive (SRP) line

   Xtreme (SRX) line

   Standard (SR) line

BTB series
Ergodyne Bass series

   EDA line

Signature models

   Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu

   Gary Willis


Jumpstart packages

Amplifiers, effects and accessories

Parts and details

Tremolo bridges
  • Bass control layouts (page 42)
  • Guitar neck dimensions
  • Bass neck dimensions
  • Pickup switching diagrams
  • Pickup descriptions

Artist roster

Back cover


Artist roster

Page 2

Acoustic guitars

Artwood (AW) series
AEG series
AEL series
AEF series
Signature model

   Steve Vai

Talman series
Masa series
Daytripper (DT) series
Performance (PF) series
V series
Jampack kits

all include an AEG4 guitar

  • Jampack Jolt (page 20)
  • Jampack
  • Jampack Quickstart

Acoustic basses

AEB series

Classical guitars

GA series


  • Pickup/ electronics information (page 22)
  • Ivorex nut & saddle (back cover)
  • Advantage bridge pins
  • Size and shape descriptions

Amplifiers and accessories

Pages 22–23


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