Ibanez Wiki


Solid body guitars

Signature models

   Joe Satriani

   Steve Vai

   John Petrucci

   Paul Gilbert

   Frank Gambale


RG series

   Prestige line

   Standard line

Talman series

   Standard line

S series

   Prestige line

   Standard line

S Classic series

   Standard line

Artist (AR) series

   Prestige line

   Standard line

Blazer series

   Standard line

Iceman series

   Standard line

Ergodyne series

   Standard line

Hollow body guitars

Signature models

   George Benson

   Pat Metheny

Artstar series

Electric basses

Ergodyne Bass series



Soundgear (SR) series

   Prestige line

  • SR5000 (page 38)
  • SR5005
  • SR4000
  • SR4005

   Standard line

ATK series

Electronics and accessories

Pages 4655

Details and specifications

  • Guitar pickup switching diagrams (page 46)
  • Bass control layouts
  • Finishes (back cover)

Artist roster

Back cover

Full electric guitar catalog for Europe

GIO line

RX series

AX series

TR Bass series

  • GTR75 Finish: BK (page 6)
  • GTR70 Finishes: BK, JB

Full GIO electric guitar pamphlet


Acoustic guitars

Artwood (AW) series


  • AW600 (pages 4–5 & 19)
  • AW300CE
  • AW300
  • AW500
  • AW100CE
  • AW100
  • AW70
  • AW112

   Cedar models

   Grand concert

   Grand auditorium

  • AG200CE
  • AG600CE

   Seven string jumbo

Acoustic Electric (AE) series

AEG series

Vintage (V) series


   Dreadnought & cutaway

Acoustic bass

Acoustic Electric Bass (AEB) series


Page 18

Full acoustics catalog

Acoustics leaflet

Acoustic guitars

Performance (PF) series

Classical guitars

GA series

Full acoustics leaflet


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