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Solid body guitars

Signature models

   Steve Vai

   Paul Gilbert

   Reb Beach

   Frank Gambale

   Joe Satriani

RG series

   RG700 line

   RG500 line

   RG300 line

EX series

S series

Radius (R) series

Artist series

Hollow body guitars

Signature models

   George Benson

Artstar series

Electric basses

EX Bass (EXB) series

Soundgear (SR) series

S Bass (SB) series

Artstar Bass (AB) series

Specifications and details

Electronics and accessories

Pages 4457

Artist roster

Pages 58–60 & back cover overlay

Full electrics mini catalog


Acoustic guitars

Acoustic Electric (AE) series

  • AE700 (page 2)
  • AE800 needs disambiguation
  • AE600
  • AE300 (page 7)
  • AE400 needs disambiguation
  • AE500 needs disambiguation

Performance (PF) series

R series

Classical guitars

GA series

  • GA100S (page 5)
  • GA80
  • GA60
  • GA40
  • GA30
  • GA150S (page 6)
  • GA150
  • GA250

G series

Full acoustics catalog


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